Sonic The Hedgheog 4: Episode 2 Review (@MacLife)

“The lengthy wait between installments could be taken as a sign of Sega’s effort to make Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II a better game than its underperforming predecessor. In some ways, that’s true. Improved physics, crisply-detailed environments, and a handful of interesting new gameplay tweaks give this second jaunt better staying power, but with speed and precision being crucial ingredients for a successful Sonic outing, Episode II’s frustrating touch controls just don’t keep up.”

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Triple Town Review (@Macworld)

 “A deceptive little beast of a puzzler, Triple Town lures you close and sinks its teeth in before demanding you feed it more of your hard-earned cash. This clever hybrid of match-three puzzles and settlement planning gameplay from Spry Fox is insidiously addictive, but poorly conceived micro-transactions soon suck all the joy out of the experience.”

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Figure Review (MacLife)

“Even if you have no clue what you’re doing, it only takes a few seconds of poking and prodding the screen to get grooving with Figure. Extreme accessibility makes Propellerhead Software’s stylish music-making app a fun toy to noodle around with whenever you’ve got free time to kill, but Figure’s real strength lies in that it’s powerful enough that you can just as easily take it on-stage and set the dance floor on fire with some seriously infectious electronic jams.”

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8 Minecraft Player Personality Types (@MacLife)

“Indie gaming sensation Minecraft lets you build, mine, explore, fight, and adventure your way across a vast blocky 3D unhindered by rigid rules or strict handholding. Without being shoehorned into any particular path or style of play, it’s possible to dabble in many pursuits at your leisure. As such, we’ve assembled a sampling of some of the most interesting and unusual roles players naturally gravitate towards. What kind of Minecraft player are you?”

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