Nintendo Power June 2010 Contributions

The June issue of Nintendo Power has been out for a while now, though I’ve been slacking on getting the cover scanned and posted up here. In this issue I have a community piece on the tiniest LEGO NES ever on pg. 93. It’s a cute little thing, and it even has controllers and a working cartridge hinge. It was made by Micah Berkoff, who has a ton of awesome LEGO creations posted online here. I also have a review of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space for Wii in the reviews section on pg. 87. I should have quite a few more community pieces in the next few issues, and some great stuff in the works for down the road.


Nintendo Power March 2010 Contributions

The March 2010 issue of Nintendo Power is in, and I have two articles in the Community section that turned out rather nicely. The first is a full-page feature on Dave Sterling, who crafted a close-to-scale NES console, two controllers, a Tetris cartridge, and a small TV all out of LEGO blocks. His work with little plastic blocks is quite impressive. The second is on Deadcraft‘s freakin’ adorable little Nintendo hero amigurumi dolls. So cute. Coming up next, I have two reviews and two more hefty community pieces running in the April 2010 issue that should be out next month. Cheers!