Fetch Review (@MacLife)

 “Poised to carve out its spot as one of the most adorable and enchanting point-and-click puzzle adventures of the year, Fetch spins a lighthearted storybook tale of a boy and his search to recover his best pal, a peppy dog named Bear. This charming, science fiction-tinged adventure packs plenty of pooches, perils, and puzzles to pursue, and its kid-friendly vibe makes it a good pick for a game to play with the family.”

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Review: Endless Ocean: Blue World

“Venturing deep beneath the waves to explore lush aquatic worlds teeming with life and mystery in Endless Ocean was a completely different experience from what most players had previously encountered on the Wii. The ultrarelaxed atmosphere along with the open-ended, go-at-your-own-pace deep sea diving journey proved to be soothing and engrossing. However, it didn’t pack much punch in the way of solid direction or a compelling plot. Considering the original concept was such a neat idea in the first place, it’s great to see that developer Arika took much of the criticism leveled at the game to heart in crafting Endless Ocean: Blue World.”

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Review: Free Realms

“While simultaneously grooming younger gamers for the big league MMORPGs later in life and offering an online world suitable for all manner of players, Sony Online Entertainment’s newly launched, kid-friendly Free Realms lets gamers of all ages mingle in an exotic and playful fantasy world. Without paying a single dime, there’s a staggering amount of exploration, quests, and games to enjoy in these virtual hills and valleys.”

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