Figure Review (MacLife)

“Even if you have no clue what you’re doing, it only takes a few seconds of poking and prodding the screen to get grooving with Figure. Extreme accessibility makes Propellerhead Software’s stylish music-making app a fun toy to noodle around with whenever you’ve got free time to kill, but Figure’s real strength lies in that it’s powerful enough that you can just as easily take it on-stage and set the dance floor on fire with some seriously infectious electronic jams.”

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Eufloria HD Review (@MacLife)

“As far as real-time strategy games go, engaging in large-scale battle to wrestle key territory from the grasp of your enemies is nothing new, but the unusual Zen-like way Eufloria HD approaches intergalactic combat is out of this world. Soothing ambient music, beautiful abstraction, and calm simplicity make this slow-paced conflict one of the more enjoyably relaxing wars we’ve ever waged.”

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8 Excellent iOS Apps for Writers (@MacLife)

“One of the great things about being a writer in these tech-driven times is the ability to work from just about anywhere. Productivity while on the go can be a life-saver, but even bashing out a chapter of your novel or penning magazine articles from the comfort of your cushy couch has its own perks. Luckily, the App Store is brimming with handy tools for writer folks. From organizing your thoughts and taking notes to conducting research and knocking out articles without a computer, we’ve rounded up eight must-have apps to help you get the words flowing.”

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