Triple Town Review (@Macworld)

 “A deceptive little beast of a puzzler, Triple Town lures you close and sinks its teeth in before demanding you feed it more of your hard-earned cash. This clever hybrid of match-three puzzles and settlement planning gameplay from Spry Fox is insidiously addictive, but poorly conceived micro-transactions soon suck all the joy out of the experience.”

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Puzzlejuice Review (@MacLife)

“Who doesn’t want their brain punched in the face? Puzzlejuice makes the bizarre prospect a lot more fun than it sounds by combining aspects of Tetris and Boggle into one real pressure-cooker of a puzzler. Matching colored blocks and chaining letters to quickly clear the screen as red, turquoise, and yellow hell rains down from above adds a dizzying twist to a familiar formula — one that’s bound to titillate puzzle addicts and word nerds alike.”

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8 iOS Apps for Beer Nerds (@MacLife)

“Many casual beer drinkers are content to happily imbibe cheap, mass-produced commercial brews by the 30 pack, but there’s a whole different group of hardcore craft beer enthusiasts that perk up at the mere mention of hops and malt. Beer nerds come in all stripes, and regardless of whether you have a taste for quantity or quality, there’s plenty of common ground to be found in the App Store. From helpful apps to hunt down your favorite brews to fun diversions for passing the time between pints, we’ve rounded up eight awesome universal iOS apps for beer-minded folk.”

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