Feature: Dead Space Extraction Devs Spill their Guts in Conference Call Fun

“After long days at work crafting a macabre sci-fi landscape populated with crawling, flesh-craving corpses, humans with splayed viscera, dismembered limbs of all shapes and sizes, and other spine-tingling audio and visual manifestations of pure digital evil, one might imagine members of EA’s Visceral Games have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Their ceaseless toil in the realm of sci-fi horror is about to bear delicious fruit – the kind that shuffles forth from the bloated corpse it crawled out of to rip into your flesh. Indeed, Dead Space Extraction is almost upon us, and CheatCC caught up with the development team during a recent conference call to get all the gruesome and gory details.”

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Feature: Chatting with Tim Shafer about Brutal Legend

“Veteran game designer Tim Schafer may currently be well-known for his work on The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, and Psychonauts, but he’s about to go down in the annals of history for giving the gaming industry a much-needed heavy metal kick to the junk with his most brutal endeavor yet. Cheat Code Central caught up with Schafer during a recent roundtable interview to chat about the awesomeness that is Brutal Legend.”

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Indie Queue: Meat Boy Gets Supersized

“Subversive artist and indie game designer Edmund McMillen is known for constantly venturing beyond the traditional boundaries of art, videogames and even good taste with his edgy creations, yielding some incredibly original (and rather twisted) titles in the process. From outrageous games featuring dueling genitalia to stylish and thoughtfully introspective explorations that blur the definition of what some might even consider a game, McMillen is not afraid to push the envelope. Meat Boy, one of his more recent game collaboration successes, is being super-sized for WiiWare, and he’s hopeful this bloody and gruelingly challenging vertical platformer about a boy made of drippy, raw meat will win over the hearts of Wii owners.”

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Indie Queue: Cave Story Lives Again

“Almost a decade ago, budding Japanese developer Daisuke Amaya (aka Pixel) first set to work on creating a platform adventure game about a young cyborg boy who wakes up with amnesia in a vibrant subterranean world populated by charming, rabbit-like creatures. As he toiled away over the course of five years to complete his first gaming project, he never expected it would grow to become one of the most renowned and revered freeware indie PC games in Japan and abroad. With work on updating Cave Story for its WiiWare debut now in the home stretch, Pixel and the small U.S. development team at Nicalis are anxious to introduce scores of new players to the indie classic.”

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