Q&A: Discussing Ghost Beers and Cartoon Labels With Gigantic Brewing (@PasteMagazine)

“An industrial area full of warehouses situated far off the beaten path might seem an odd area to setup a brewery and taproom, but it seems to be working for the folks at Gigantic Brewing Company, as their brewery has managed to turn their forgotten corner Portland into a happening hotspot for area craft beer enthusiasts.

In the short time since Gigantic first opened its doors, brewers and co-owners Ben Love and Van Havig have generated serious buzz for their small-scale brewery. Their ever-rotating array of limited edition one-off brews showcases the broad range of big ideas and bold flavors the duo have on tap. We recently caught up with Love to pick his brain about everything from the brewery’s beautiful comic-style label art to his take on craft beer’s booming heyday.”

Check out the full Q&A Interview here at Paste Magazine.


Freelance Game Journalism Video Chat w/ Nathan Meunier and Dan Amrich at GameZone

gamezoneYesterday, I joined former game journo editor and Critical Path author Dan Amrich for a video interview on Google Hangout with the rad folks at GameZone. We had a fun time chatting about how we got our start as freelancers in the game industry and tackled a range of questions related to writing, freelancing, and game journalism. It was a great time and a fun way to promote our books. If you’re interested in writing about games at all, check out my new book Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism which is heavily focused on the freelance end of things. Dan also has a great book that’s been out for a while now called Critical Path: How to Review Videogames for a Living, which is more of a general tome focused on the art of reviewing games and working on staff at game publications.

Oh hey, before I forget, here’s the link to the video interview chat!

Book Kickstarter Interview w/ WhatCulture!

I had a rad chat with the folks over at WhatCulture! about freelance game journalism, the book, the Kickstarter, and more! You can check out the article and interview here!

Kickstarter Update: The book Kickstarter is currently at 22 percent funding, with only 15 days left to hit the $7,000 needed to make this happen. There’s still over $5,000 to raise by the deadline, but if we exceed that amount and hit $10,000, I’ll be writing a second shorter book and giving a free digital copy to all backers. I also have some additional gaming-related surprises in the works. Please check out the project and consider becoming a backer! Remember: if the project doesn’t hit the $7,000 goal by Sept 8. then it doesn’t get funded. ULTRA Sad panda

Up Up Down Down Left WRITE Interview At DLYDJ

I recently chatted with the folks over at Don’t Lose Your Day Job, who were kind enough to write up a nice interview piece about the Kickstarter, the book, my thoughts on this and that, and freelancing in the game industry. I think the article came out quite well. You can check it out right here.

Also: The book Kickstarter is currently hovering at 19 percent funding, with only 22 days left to hit the $7,000 needed to make this happen. Please check out the project and consider becoming a backer! Remember: if the project doesn’t hit the goal by Sept 8. then it doesn’t get funded. Sad panda!

Shop Talk Quickie: “Quoted” and “Secret” Book Project

photo borrowed from the linked articleI spend a surprising amount of my free time answering e-mails from newer freelance writers and prospective game journalists seeking advice on various aspects of freelancing in the gaming industry. I love to gab, you see, particularly when it comes to talking shop, so I’m always willing to help point folks in the right direction and offer whatever humble assistance or know-how I can provide. To that end, I’ve been doing some serious behind-the-scenes writing – some of which you’ll find in the Shop Talk and Ask The Freelance Dude advice columns here on the site. For the past year, I’ve been bashing out the rough draft of an extensive How-To book covering all the ins-and-outs of being a freelance game journalist, writer, critic, whathaveyou. I’m well past the half-way point and I can see the finish line in the distance. Woo! Huzzah! Not surprising news, perhaps, at least to folks who know me and read this site somewhat regularly.

In a month or so I hope to be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help raise enough funds to hire an editor and cover the myriad costs of completing and self-publishing the project. I’m working out the details, planning out my video thingy, and all that good stuff as we speak. I’ve already commissioned some AMAZING cover art, which I’m really thrilled with, and if all goes well with the campaign, I hope to have everything I need to motor through the home stretch, wrap up the book, and have it launched all shiny and polished by next spring. I’ll have an e-book, PDF, and print versions available. Fingers crossed!

In any event, if you’ve found my advice useful, have written-in with questions, are a fellow comrade in the freelance trenches, are interested in learning more about how to dive into the freelance world, or simply want to be an awesome person, I’d very much appreciate your help with spreading the good word when it’s time and contributing to the Kickstarter if you can. Thanks in advance! More info on that stuff shortly.

But that’s not the real reason I sat down to write this post.

A week or so ago I was contacted by  a writer fellow with a request to comment for a piece he was working on for What Culture. I obliged. Here’s the piece, if you care to read it. Short and sweet – but neato nonetheless.

Starbound Preview (@GameSpy)

“Finn “Tiy” Brice is eager to point out his next big project, Starbound, is not a sequel to the million-selling indie hit Terraria — a game for which he crafted the Super Nintendo-style pixel art. That likely won’t stop players from drawing some obvious comparisons between the two, but as the head of new collaborative studio Chucklefish Games, Brice is pushing upwards and onwards to take his new sci-fi-tinged 2D sandbox RPG in a very different direction. ”

Check out the full preview here at GameSpy.

First Details on Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

“Like precious drops of life-giving water in a barren, dust-strewn landscape, details on Ubisoft’s new Prince of Persia game – slated to launch across all major gaming consoles in just a matter of months – have been excruciatingly scarce. Even the teaser trailer below left fans choking in the desert sands, desperate for real information. After chatting with Director of Level Design Michael McIntyre at a recent Ubisoft press event, however, we’ve managed to scavenge a few draughts of early intel on the game to temporarily slake your thirst.”

Check out the full story here at GamesRadar.

Feature: Dead Space Extraction Devs Spill their Guts in Conference Call Fun

“After long days at work crafting a macabre sci-fi landscape populated with crawling, flesh-craving corpses, humans with splayed viscera, dismembered limbs of all shapes and sizes, and other spine-tingling audio and visual manifestations of pure digital evil, one might imagine members of EA’s Visceral Games have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Their ceaseless toil in the realm of sci-fi horror is about to bear delicious fruit – the kind that shuffles forth from the bloated corpse it crawled out of to rip into your flesh. Indeed, Dead Space Extraction is almost upon us, and CheatCC caught up with the development team during a recent conference call to get all the gruesome and gory details.”

Check out the full article here at Cheat Code Central.

Feature: Chatting with Tim Shafer about Brutal Legend

“Veteran game designer Tim Schafer may currently be well-known for his work on The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, and Psychonauts, but he’s about to go down in the annals of history for giving the gaming industry a much-needed heavy metal kick to the junk with his most brutal endeavor yet. Cheat Code Central caught up with Schafer during a recent roundtable interview to chat about the awesomeness that is Brutal Legend.”

Check out my full article here at Cheat Code Central.

Indie Queue: Meat Boy Gets Supersized

“Subversive artist and indie game designer Edmund McMillen is known for constantly venturing beyond the traditional boundaries of art, videogames and even good taste with his edgy creations, yielding some incredibly original (and rather twisted) titles in the process. From outrageous games featuring dueling genitalia to stylish and thoughtfully introspective explorations that blur the definition of what some might even consider a game, McMillen is not afraid to push the envelope. Meat Boy, one of his more recent game collaboration successes, is being super-sized for WiiWare, and he’s hopeful this bloody and gruelingly challenging vertical platformer about a boy made of drippy, raw meat will win over the hearts of Wii owners.”

Check out the full story here.