Flash Game Freebie: Give Up, Robot

“You know a game is awesome when you’ve just died about a hundred times in the last five minutes but still want to keep on pushing forward to beat the next level, or when the jittery on-screen flashing reaches seizure-inducing levels of crazy but you still can’t look away. With its psychedelic retro style, solid grappling action, and twitch-inducing puzzle gameplay, Give Up, Robot is that kind of game – as much as it brutalizes you for playing, you simply won’t want to stop.”

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Free Bytes: Magic Planet Snack

“There are tons of snacks out that are bad for you in one way or another, but I’m pretty sure scarfing down the inner core of a ginormous planet is bound to earn you a major scolding from your doctor for breaking a slew of healthy living rules. Then again, food just tastes better when you know it’s on the naughty list — even celestial bodies. The standard simply doesn’t apply in Magic Planet Snack, a silly arcade-style game the sends you flying through the cosmos to stuff your gullet with the guts of crushed worlds.”

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Flash Game Freebie: Death vs. Monstars

“We’re pretty much immediately inclined to give a thumbs-up recommendation to any game that lets you play as death incarnate AND spray a continuous fountain of explosive bullets from your backside. Death vs. Monstars is a special blend of frenetic arena shooter that looks overly simple at first but grows quirkier and freakishly more addictive with each new stage. It’s challenging to stave off the potent desire to earn cash needed to upgrade your small stream of bullets into a Niagara Falls of pain and suffering for your monster opponents.”

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Free Bytes: 4 Hour RPG

“I can’t imagine the stress that comes with pushing yourself to try to put together a cohesively and playable game in only four hours –- much less one that’s actually enjoyable to play. It has been done. Surprisingly, many of those who’ve tried have succeeded in coming up with some truly interesting projects. Take 4 Hour RPG, for example. Your hero is essentially a pixel with an itty-bitty sword fighting monsters consisting of barely discernable blobs of color, yet it still manages to provide a short and fulfilling fantasy romp.”

Free Bytes: Dreamside Maroon

“Riding a wickedly growing vine into the cosmos is probably one of the more unusual ideas for a game I’ve encountered, but that’s part of what makes the unpredictable nature of off-the-beaten path game development so interesting. A mix of exploration and artsy ambiance, Dreamside Maroon is an impressive little adventure about a cute, scarf-wearing critter named Aster who’s on a one-way trip to the moon. Rather than hopping a flight, taking an intergalactic commuter train, grabbing a space bus, or strapping on a rocket pack, this intrepid explore uses his gardening skills to get where he needs to go.”

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Free Bytes: Sushi Cat

“Sushi Cat is like playing pachinko with live animals. The titular ball of fur is as adorable as he is fat, and his desire to romance a puffy pink kitty in a store window is matched only by his voracious appetite for sushi. Since chasing after love is no fun on an empty stomach, much of the spherical protagonists’ time is spent trying to stuff his face with tasty delights.”

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Free Bytes: Rubble Trouble

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“If professional demolition teams were somehow legally allowed to use rocket launchers to take down old unwanted buildings, then I’d be changing professions faster than you could say “holy airstrike, Batman!” Since that’s probably never going to happen — quite possibly due to the inevitable collateral damage that would be inflicted on the surrounding human populace — we’ll just have to stick to getting our destructive kicks in the virtual world. And Nitrome’s charmingly explosive flash puzzler Rubble Trouble is just the ticket.”

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iPhone Review: Enviro-Bear 2010

“The thought of running into a starving grizzly bear in the deep forest right before the icy chill of winter sets is pretty nerve-wracking.  Some might suggest it’s best to stay put and play dead when in such a scary situation; others say it’s better to extend your arms and act intimidating. But what on earth are you meant to do when the bear comes charging out of the bushes driving a beat-up jalopy?”

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Free Bytes October Medley: Gross Fun

“Not all free games are nice, neat, and tidy. Some involve poop, others involve vomit, and a few involve snot. Bodily functions are a part of being human, and some indie game developers felt inclined to explore the grosser side of game design. We applaud them for their gall, as the results are hilarious, fun, and a little disturbing. A few of the scatological oriented selections in this month’s Free Bytes medley might make you throw up in your mouth a little bit, but we assure you it’s going to be worth it. Enjoy!”

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Free Bytes: When Pigs Fly

“Wandering piggies are often prone to getting themselves into trouble. Such is the case with one special pink oinker who winds up accidentally falling into a dark cave network without any means of climbing back out. Despite squealing with all its might, there’s no one around to help the poor critter. In desperation, this little piggy makes a wish…and it actually comes true. But the newly-sprouted feathery wings sticking out of its back will take some getting used-to. That’s where your fast fingers and steely nerves come in.”

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