Indie Spotlight #6: Detachable Robot Boobs

It wasn’t until I played Shoot 1UP last year that Mommy’s Best Games’ work first popped up on my radar. The game’s crazy 1UP mechanic that boosts your squad of fighters instantly is pretty cool, but it’s the ridiculousness in the game’s visual design that really hooked me. At one point you fight a massive uterus-thing. Then there’s the giant MechaLilith with her detachable missile boobs that shoot more missiles out of the nipples. Amazing. I caught up with Nathan Fouts last spring at PAX East to chat about Grapple Buggy, but this week’s Indie Spotlight column delves deeper into the inner workings of Mommy’s Best Games. Enjoy!

Check out the full column here at GameSpy.


PAX East: Grapple Buggy Hands-On Preview

“Any mention of swinging around in 2D worlds often evokes mental imagery of a certain popular NES classic that was among the first to utilize a grappling hook to traverse an unforgiving landscape. During our brief chat amongst the chaotic din of PAX East’s exhibition hall, Mommy’s Best Games’ Nathan Fouts admits that he’s played a lot of grappling hook games and is a big fan of the Bionic Commando series. That’s why he set out to create a game with similar spirit but a totally different approach to grappling exploration in his upcoming downloadable Xbox Live project Grapple Buggy.”

Check out the full preview here at GamePro.