Review: Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

“Grabbing a heavy ball and sending it thundering down the lane towards ten unsuspecting white pins can be a great way to unwind, and the resounding victorious crack of the ball against its target is simply cathartic. But those who feel they need a little something extra to sweeten the experience, Zombie Bowl-O-Rama offers even more excitement by replacing the customary pins with flesh-eating undead monsters. Instead of just bowling, you get to be a zombie hunter…armed with a bowling ball. “

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iPhone Review: Liberty Boom

“Patriotism and blowing stuff up seem to go hand-in-hand a little too naturally. While the real deal can be terrifying and destructive, colorful man-made explosions designed to dazzle in the night skies are an alluring annual treat for those seeking celebration and merriment. These crowd-pleasing displays bring smiles to the faces of young and old alike. However, in the wrong hands, even explosives designed to entertain can prove disastrous. Fireworks and air traffic do not mix. Your job in Liberty Boom is to see to it that they don’t.”

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Hands-On Preview: Avenue Flo

“Poor Flo, she always seems stuck picking up everyone else’s slack and single-handedly saving the day, yet she still manages this with a skip in her step and a cheerful smile. The greasy apron-adorned, hard working star of the Diner Dash series is about to embark on a whole new challenge-filled journey in her first adventure game. Gamezebo recently sat down for some hands-on time with Avenue Flo, and we’re pleased to report this new twist on the series is going to be a blast.”

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Review: Gemini Lost

“If you’re roaming around and happen to see a giant, ominous shaft of light appear emanating from far off in the distance, the general rule of thumb is to steer clear. While ignoring this seemingly obvious safety precaution does not bode particularly well for the gaggle of curious townspeople in Gemini Lost, such foolishness is entertaining and rewarding for the omniscient overseer who invisibly influences them in their daily routines. That’s you, by the way.”

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Review: Drawn: The Painted Tower

“At times both morose and beautiful, Drawn: The Painted Tower unfolds like a grim fairytale set in a land devoid of all happiness. When the last bastion of hope, a special young girl with magical drawing abilities, falls in imminent peril, you must brave the dangerous, puzzle-filled magical hallways of the tower she’s imprisoned in to save her before time runs out. Very little is what it appears to be, and the further you ascend towards the dark spire the deeper you’ll be drawn into this strange, imaginative world.”

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Review: Cake Mania: Main Street

14“Sandlot Games sort of went off the deep end for Cake Mania 3, sending our favorite heroine baker Jill on a freaky time-traveling journey to recover missing family members and serve up thousands of delicious frosted delights for a menagerie of dinosaurs, mummies, and wizards. Cake Mania: Main Street sees Jill settling back into the slightly more normal routine of trying to revive her hometown of Bakersfield. This time she brought her friends, and there’s far more than baking in store for you.”

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Review: The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates

“If you prefer some swashbuckling, keelhauling, and plank-walking flavor in your match-three puzzle action, then boy are you in luck. Sailing the deadly high seas in search of trouble and treasure provides the enticing thematic backdrop for a healthy dose of polished puzzle gameplay in The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates. A little piratical twist and a lot of variety make for some fun lighthearted Caribbean mayhem. Just watch out for sea serpents, scurvy, and sunken reefs along the way.”

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