Feature: True Confessions of a Male Gamer

“I walked into the store with the full intention of not being embarrassed. Though the shelves were lines with AAA action titles and blockbuster hits, my gaze avoided these enticing games and instead settled on a box adorned with a cat wearing a pink heart suit and purple roller skates. Bolstering my resolve, I looked around, gingerly plucked the game off the shelf, and made my way to the counter. The game store clerk — a young male who clearly fell into the hardcore gamer category judging from his banter with a fellow employee — looked at the copy of Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue I had placed on the register counter and shot me a bemused glance. “It’s for my wife,” I sheepishly volunteered. It was a lie.”

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Feature: 9 Money-Saving Tips (to stretch your gaming dollars)

“The current wave of economic hardship continues to necessitate a tightening of purse strings, but the prospect of giving up on buying games is completely out of the question for many avid players. Though we’re forced to make some tough spending decisions, there are ample ways to help keep a fresh supply of games on tap and weather the economic storm without being crushed under the weight of financial despair. To that end, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to give you the biggest band for your gaming buck.”

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