Shop Talk: Beating The Freelance Doldrums (Round 2 – Kung-Fu Grip Hiyeah!)

Back for more freelance-fu? In part one of my discussion on how to kick the living crap out the ho-hum moments that can creep into the daily routine of the average freelancer I covered a few techniques to liven up your groove and dispel evil. Here are a few more methods for exacting vengeance upon your freelance doldrum foes. Wield them well, and you should be able to voodoo jedi mind trick your way out of just about any writing rut you’ve managed to trip into.

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Shop Talk: Awesome Things About Being a Freelance Game Journalist

There is something magical about being able to work all day without the tediousness of having to put clothes on. You save on a lot on laundry being a freelancer, that’s for sure. Rolling out of bed, flicking the computer on, making a pot of coffee, and diving into a busy day of word ninjitsu – in your underwear no less – is both convenient and gratifying. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why freelancing is the way to go, if you want to making a living writing about video games.

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Review: Proun

“Few games make the process of getting dizzy and mildly queasy an enjoyable one, but barreling headlong through a swirling vortex of jagged geometry and abstract artwork at high speeds is as blissful as it is intense. From the creative mind of Joost van Dongen, one of the individuals behind colorful games like De Blob and Swords & Soldiers, Proun is a fascinating mash-up of art and racing. Despite being incredibly thin on content, this one-man indie side project is heart-pounding, euphoric, and very addictive. Even better, you can pay whatever you want to download it.”

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