8 Cool Summer Learning Apps for Kids

“School is out for the year (or nearly so), and kids are more than a little antsy to get out in the sun and dive into a awesome medley of summer activities. While the distraction of friends, fun, and festivities is a welcome change of pace from pencils and books, it also tends to make their minds a little mushy as the year’s accumulated knowledge fades slightly. Of course, there are plenty of ways to continue learning through the hot summer months between school sessions without skimping on the fun. Not only will these apps entertain your kids, they’ll also help keep their noggins firing on all cylinders until the fall.”

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Review: Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

“Grabbing a heavy ball and sending it thundering down the lane towards ten unsuspecting white pins can be a great way to unwind, and the resounding victorious crack of the ball against its target is simply cathartic. But those who feel they need a little something extra to sweeten the experience, Zombie Bowl-O-Rama offers even more excitement by replacing the customary pins with flesh-eating undead monsters. Instead of just bowling, you get to be a zombie hunter…armed with a bowling ball. “

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Free Bytes: Rabbit Wants Cake

“Rabbit wants cake…because he appreciates it a lot. He wouldn’t share his cake with anybody but you. By the way, did you know he loves what you’re wearing today? Yes, it seems adorable bunnies will say anything these days to get a sweet baked treat previously reserved for humans only. With those cute whiskers, fluffy tail, and strange radio antenna sticking out of his back, it’s hard to resist giving him what he wants, but you’ll have to figure out how to do so first.”

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