Must Buy: SuperTintin – Podcasting Software for the Win

stt_boxshot_340x334As someone who’s neck-deep in the process of prepping to launch a new podcast, I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time fiddling with assorted software — both free and paid — to find just the right one that hits that tricky trifect of perfect balance between reliability, functionality, and quality. SuperTintin might not look like much at first glance, but this easy-to-use audio/video recording software does some magic stuff that will save you a lot of hassle if you’re looking to record top quality audio for your podcast.

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Shop Talk: A Few Words On Writing For Free

Don’t. Even if you’re just getting started out in the freelance world, your time and energy are worth something. The prospect of having your work published, particularly if you’ve yet to sip from those glistening waters, can do crazy things to a new writer. It’s tempting to jump at any opportunity to have your work picked up by a publication – even a small one – regardless of whether you’re getting paid for it or not. Seeing your byline on a published article for the first time is exciting stuff. Period. The problem is the vast majority of websites in the video game world that actually take the time to publicly cast out nets to attract freelancers don’t want to pay you for your work. They’re looking to take advantage of your fine ability to churn out words in an intelligent and thoughtful manner by corrupting you and bending you to their own dark aims. Don’t let them.

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Review: Legend of Fae

“Even if you’re a total sucker for the casual allure of match-three puzzle games like I am, the genre has been recycled so many different times now that it’s getting harder to find new versions that still feel fresh and exciting. Legend of Fae spices up the old formula with a dose of real-time combat and elemental wizardry wrapped in an engaging tale of two disparate realms colliding. This indie action-RPG puzzler also packs a surprising level of gameplay depth to round out its accessible nature and lighthearted vibe.”

Check out the full review here at GamePro.

Review: Fotonica

“Simplicity gets a bad rap. It’s far too often that certain games get lambasted for their lack of complexity, but sometimes that’s exactly what players are looking for. Fotonica’s hyper-basic gameplay boils down to tapping a single button over and over again. But after doing just that for hours now, I still don’t want to stop. There’s something entrancing about the way this abstract first-person platformer hurls you through stark, futuristic landscapes at high speeds, forcing you to make split-second twitch judgments to leap across dangerous gaps or die trying.”

Check out the full review here at GamePro.

Shop Talk: You Do WHAT For A Living?

It’s like clockwork. Meeting new people and engaging in the usual exchange of friendly chit-chat is always a bit of an awkward experience at first, because it’s only a matter of time before they ask me about what I do for a living. Should I be embarrassed? No. I have a legitimate job just like anyone else. But it’s a gig some people would all but kill for. My response to the inevitable question almost always elicits some kind of animated reaction – ranging from enthusiasm to quasi-disbelief.  “Me? I get paid to play video games.”

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On Freelancing in the Gaming Industry – The Freelancers

There’s been some very interesting game journalism-related discussions flying around the internet lately. Amidst the doom and gloom and ensuing debate over whether being a freelance game journalist is a viable profession (in short: it is, if you work your ass off), I accidentally stumbled across a more productive and highly entertaining source of game freelancing-related discussion. The Freelancers is fast becoming a must-listen podcast series for anyone with even a passing interest in game journalism – whether you want to know how to get involved or are have already been in the game for years. Run by freelancers Xav de Matos and Kyle Horner, the regular bi-weekly show tackles a broad range of game journalism-related subjects and regularly features interview discussions with well-known writers and editors. Kudos for stepping up to the plate guys, now let’s all pay attention and get involved in the discussion.