Flash Game Freebie: Pixel Legions

“On their own, individual pixels seem small and insignificant, but when you put hordes of them together, their value becomes readily apparent. No, we’re not talking about retro videogame art – this is war. It’s a war fought by throngs of tiny, pissed-off glowing pixels. It’s a war that will draw you into its fold and completely annihilate any chances of escape. Thought you were going to get some work done today? Think again. Pixel Legions is calling.”

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Flash Game Freebie: Tetraform

“These days manually shooting at enemies to make them explode into a fiery ball of awesome death is so passé. It’s way cooler to make them collide, causing a similarly delightful eruption of flame, annihilation and twisted metal. Tetraform is an odd little arcade space defense game that has you taking out take out entire armadas of ne’er-do-wells without laying a finger on your trigger. The lack of pew-pew-pew doesn’t disappoint, because it’s a hell of a lot more fun to fling them at one another.”

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Flash Game Freebie: Death vs. Monstars

“We’re pretty much immediately inclined to give a thumbs-up recommendation to any game that lets you play as death incarnate AND spray a continuous fountain of explosive bullets from your backside. Death vs. Monstars is a special blend of frenetic arena shooter that looks overly simple at first but grows quirkier and freakishly more addictive with each new stage. It’s challenging to stave off the potent desire to earn cash needed to upgrade your small stream of bullets into a Niagara Falls of pain and suffering for your monster opponents.”

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Free Bytes: Balloon in a Wasteland

“Taking a long hot air balloon ride high above the scenic landscape below may be a relaxing and breathtaking experience for some. For me, the thought of sitting in a basket tethered to a giant floating sack situated not far from the clouds has always been accompanied by uneasiness over all of the many horrible and catastrophic things that could potentially go wrong. Balloons rip and burst. Burner tanks explode and catch everything on fire. People fall. While crash-landing in a desolate wasteland swarming with dark, wicked blob creatures hungry for my flesh was not on that list, it sure as hell is now.”

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Free Bytes: Dreamside Maroon

“Riding a wickedly growing vine into the cosmos is probably one of the more unusual ideas for a game I’ve encountered, but that’s part of what makes the unpredictable nature of off-the-beaten path game development so interesting. A mix of exploration and artsy ambiance, Dreamside Maroon is an impressive little adventure about a cute, scarf-wearing critter named Aster who’s on a one-way trip to the moon. Rather than hopping a flight, taking an intergalactic commuter train, grabbing a space bus, or strapping on a rocket pack, this intrepid explore uses his gardening skills to get where he needs to go.”

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Free Bytes: Sushi Cat

“Sushi Cat is like playing pachinko with live animals. The titular ball of fur is as adorable as he is fat, and his desire to romance a puffy pink kitty in a store window is matched only by his voracious appetite for sushi. Since chasing after love is no fun on an empty stomach, much of the spherical protagonists’ time is spent trying to stuff his face with tasty delights.”

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Cheap Thrills: The Devil’s Tuning Fork

“It’s odd how a creepy first-person adventure game about children in comas can teach us a hell of a lot about dolphins. Created by a team of students from DePaul University for the 2010 Independent Games Festival, The Devil’s Tuning Fork is just the right mixture of smart and trippy. Though it has absolutely nothing to do with friendly, chirping marine mammals, the game’s entire concept hinges on their purported ability to “see” sound waves. In essence, it’s kind of like playing Doom in a pitch black room – except you’re armed with a tab of acid and a tuning fork instead of a rocket launcher.”

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Free Bytes: How to Raise a Dragon

“I highly doubt catching a dragon alive would be an easy feat. Assuming you were able to accomplish such a lofty and life-threatening task without being scorched or dismembered, how would you actually go about raising a dragon? Like babies of every other species, newborn dragons don’t just come equipped with owner’s manuals. How to Raise a Dragon attempts to impart the requisite knowledge for successfully rearing a magical, fire-breathing reptile. More interestingly, it gives you the chance to play one the dangerous little critters and impact the kind of dragon it will turn out to be.”

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Free Bytes: Bird Family

“Kids these days never seem to be able to sit still for long. If the wrangling of human little tykes sounds like a difficult task to do on terra firma, try considering what it must be like being a bird parent. That’s right, nabbing your fluttering offspring that are scattered about in mid-air and ushering them to the safety — while being chased by vicious crows and the cutest witch I’ve ever seen — is (mostly) no laughing matter. Feel like stepping up to the plate for a shot at being named bird parent of the year? Be our guest.”

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