Feature: 7 Things Parents Should Know about FF XIV

“While Final Fantasy XIV features character and class development, leveling-up, exploration, missions, combat, and many other elements common to the role-playing genre and the broader series at large, the fact the game is designed specifically for online brings with it many changes that impact the interface, the gameplay flow, and how you interact with other characters. This changes the experience substantially. Here are some important factors you should consider before diving into Final Fantasy XIV’s vast online world.”

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Review: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

“Having been remade twice in recent years – for the Game Boy Advance in 2005 and in 3D on the DS last year – Final Fantasy IV should still be relatively fresh on the minds of many JRPG enthusiasts. In fact, you might even be among those who’ve wondered what life was like for Cecil and his pals following that nasty final run-in with the soul-obliterating and curse-inducing Zeromus. It seems Square Enix is all but banking on these preconceptions, with its decision to launch Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – a nine-part full-blown sequel to the classic.”

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