Review: Record of Agarest War

“Fantasy RPGs are not often without moments of romance and heartbreak, but few such games released in North America are as sexually charged as Record of Agarest War. Even with a mighty war brewing between the forces of good and evil, there’s apparently still plenty of time to peep some supple skin, woo comely maidens, and even make a few babies along the way. But don’t expect to pick up this staggeringly lengthy title and find yourself constantly awash in a sea of sexiness. While that does indeed pop up at regular intervals, the real heart of this game is its deep turn-based combat system.”

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Worldshift Review

“There’s a lot of cool stuff found in WorldShift’s sci-fi fantasy world. Magic and tribalism is married with high-tech warfare in a real-time strategy conquest that should be somewhat satisfying based on its premise alone. But, for everything that truly works about the game, you’ll find something that’ll get under your skin.”

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Review: Gyromancer

“The Bejeweled-meets-D&D smash Puzzle Quest proved serious RPGs and sparkly gem matching puzzle gameplay could tie the knot and keep from strangling one another. Gyromancer treads similar territory but adds in a few new twists… literally.”

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Review: Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

“Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim initially looks like just about any other average fantasy real-time strategy game out there. You’ll find there are many familiar activities to engage in, like erecting important buildings, hiring units, upgrading abilities, expanding your kingdom, exploring foggy maps, and defeating swarms of foes. However, there’s a catch: you can’t directly control any of your units. This was a unique and challenging concept the original game received high marks for almost a decade ago. With a facelift and a few new features, the formula still feels new and exciting in this long-awaited sequel.”

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Review: Little King’s Story

“At the heart of Little King’s Story lies a deeply enticing kingdom simulation element that lets you add layer upon layer of cool expansions to your budding empire. Between enhancing your conquering capabilities, beefing up your command prowess, diversifying career roles for your peasants, and generally improving the quality of life for those under your command, there are a lot of different angles to tackle as you grow. Fortunately, the management aspect of the game is easily handled through a few simple menus accessed in and around your throne room. As satisfying as it is to carefully decide on the construction of new buildings and other improvements, nothing will ever get done if you simply sit around on your kingly backside all day. Alpoko starts out as a tiny village with few inhabitants and meager resources. That gradually changes as you venture out beyond your borders to explore, kick butt, and amass sizeable quantities of booty.”

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