Join The New Freelance Game Journo Network Facebook Group!

gamejournogroupbannerfacebook copyFor a long time now, I’ve been meaning to build a place online where the many awesome game journalists, freelancers, and writer¬†folks I interact with on a one-on-one basis can freely interact with one another! Many of you have the same questions, challenges, and obstacles, and it makes super sense to me to introduce everyone to each other so we can share insights and grow together as a community!

That’s why I finally created the¬†Freelance Game Journo Network. It’s a private Facebook group that’s designed to be a safe place for game-centric writers — both newcomers and more seasoned pros alike — to network and communicate. If you’d like to join, just hit the link and make a request. I’ll be happy to approve it and welcome you aboard.

Right now we’re just getting started, but we’re growing quickly and I hope to use the group for lots of great things in the future — pitch jams, peer editorial feedback, resource sharing, Qs, and other helpful things. For example, we just started compiling a document of paying gig leads for smaller/medium size sites that are open to new writers!

The rules are simple: be friendly, be cool, participate in whatever way you feel comfortable, learn, and have fun!



Feature: The PC Gaming Renaissance

“It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, many folks in the gaming industry were yet again ready to write off the PC as a platform on the verge of extinction. A perennial argument that seems to sprout up every few years, “the death of PC gaming” couldn’t be more exaggerated. Despite ongoing issues with piracy and lagging sales at the retail counter, the oldest and most flexible of video game platforms continues to thrive. And that’s because the game is changing.”

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Review: Desktop Defender

“They say a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind, but what if your work surface is swarming with malevolent creepy crawlies? When the prospect of cleaning your desk is far less exciting than defending it from a virtual battleground full of persistent invaders, it’s time to ignore your clutter piling up around you and boot up your computer. Desktop Defender, the Facebook version of the popular Desktop Tower Defense game, puts you in charge of mounting an organized defense of your blessed mess.”

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