Review: Elven Legacy: Ranger

“With its focus on a complex, swords and wizardry-filled land spiraling into war following the theft of ancient, forbidden elven magic that could bring about the destruction of the entire realm should it fall into the wrong hands, Elven Legacy delivered a solid if somewhat unspectacular turn-based strategy experience. Players who enjoyed that title and squeezed every last drop of hard-earned fun from the game’s dual campaigns and multiplayer offerings will get a reasonable amount of extra mileage from the first installment in a trilogy of expansion packs clearly designed for the hardcore Elven Legacy addicts out there – assuming such a thing even exists in large numbers.”

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Review: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

“With all the LocoRoco sleeping peacefully under a starry night sky, no one is awake enough to notice the sneaky BuiBui crawling around in the bush nearby. With the pull of a single lever, the mischievous fellow dumps the whole lot into the spooky BuiBui underworld where the naughty critters have constructed an elaborate series of obstacle courses designed to test your hopping, rolling, and eating abilities. Picking from one of many colorful LocoRoco, you’ll help them oblige their captors by attempting to plow through 16 wild, nighttime levels of world-turning, platforming action as fast as possible.”

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