Indieverse: Penny Arcade Adventures Returns to Xbox

“Like most things that rise from the dead, the Penny Arcade Adventures series is a very different creature from what it once was. But for the creators of the popular gaming webcomic and new cohorts Zeboyd Games (the two-man indie studio tapped to complete the once-doomed episodic series), it’s good to see their creation finally walking within the realm of the living.”

Check out the full feature here at OXM.


Review: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Episode 3 – Muzzled!

“Episode 3: Muzzled! brings some much-needed new locations and interesting characters into the mix. With Wallace perfecting his latest entrepreneurial scheme – a robotic ice cream truck that scans various items to produce bizarre flavors of the chilly treats – his basement is beset by a pack of pooch refugees from the local animal shelter that we learn was destroyed in the storm from the previous episode. The unusual mishap draws the attention of a shady carnival owner who rolls into town to throw a benefit to rebuild the ruined shelter. This seemingly provides a marvelous opportunity for Wallace to test out his new ice cream making gizmo and support a noble cause, but trouble quickly begins brewing in the fairgrounds.”

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