Sonic The Hedgheog 4: Episode 2 Review (@MacLife)

“The lengthy wait between installments could be taken as a sign of Sega’s effort to make Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II a better game than its underperforming predecessor. In some ways, that’s true. Improved physics, crisply-detailed environments, and a handful of interesting new gameplay tweaks give this second jaunt better staying power, but with speed and precision being crucial ingredients for a successful Sonic outing, Episode II’s frustrating touch controls just don’t keep up.”

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Review: Hector Episode 2

“Even as games grow edgier with the times, most gamemakers seem to shy away from poking at certain boundaries of common decency. In crafting its crass new point-and-click adventure game trilogy, developer Straandlooper sheds caution as if it were a vile, fluid-stained trench coat and runs streaking across the line like a howling naked lunatic. The Hector: Badge of Carnage series debut, We Negotiate With Terrorists, set a memorably sleazy tone filled with comedic cartoonish debauchery and clever detective work. Episode 2, Senseless Acts of Justice, follows suit with another helping of the same unwholesome fun that is topped with gyrating nun strippers, exploding feces, and trucks adorned with massive hunks of dripping meat. It’s an acquired taste–but it’s one that delivers accessible and enjoyable gameplay, despite its often crude trappings.”

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