Download Picks: October

“So many choices; so little time. Yes, this month has dumped another heap of enticing downloadable gaming goodness on our doorstep, and we’ve spent some time sifting through the bits and bytes to hand-pick some hot bite-sized game recommendations. Get ready to wrestle the wind, clean up rainbow barf, play some monster chess, and indulge in your puzzle addiction.”

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Download Picks: September

“The floodgates remain open, and the steady rush of downloadable games showered across all platforms each week shows no signs of abating anytime soon. The month of September has ushered-in a little something for all tastes, but thrill seekers will find our selections definitely get the blood pumping. A little retro-shooting, a touch of space-age tower defense, some crazy base jumping, and more downloadable gaming goodness awaits you in this month’s installment of Download Picks.”

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Review: Tales of Monkey Island Chpt. 2 – The Siege of Spinner Cay

“In his return debut, the “mighty pirate” Guybrush Threepwood managed to scuttle his own ship, infect his hand with demonic voodoo magic, get stranded on a turbulently windy island, misplace his swashbuckling wife Elaine, and inadvertently unleash a zombifying plague across the entire Caribbean. Not a bad way to make an entrance. After managing to salvage the situation as best as possible, we last left off with Guybrush watching Elaine sail away with his long-time nemesis, the newly un-cursed pirate LeChuck. His inability to pursue his mysteriously departing spouse stems from a sword being suddenly thrust in his face by an unexpected visitor, which is where we pick back up again.”

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Download Picks: August

“Downloadable games are a great, low-cost alternative to their physical counterparts and offer instant gaming gratification when you just can’t be bothered to trek out to the mall. With the flood of digital releases each month making the prospect of wading through the muck to find the hidden pearls a daunting one, we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few of the best monthly download gaming picks for you. Welcome to the debut edition of Download Picks.”

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Review: Shadow Complex


“It’s almost uncanny how easily a romantic hike into the rocky mountain wilderness with your new girlfriend can turn into an explosive, power suit-fueled rumble through the secret underground complex of militaristic revolutionaries on the verge of launching a massive coup against the US government. Yes, appearances can be deceiving. As fresh as Shadow Complex looks and feels on the surface, it’s really a cleverly disguised homage to the SNES heydays of a certain armor-clad bounty huntress. We most heartily approve.”

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Review: Madballs in Bebo: Invasion

“Back in the mid-80s, someone thought it would be a great idea to create a series of toys that looked like a cross between baseballs and shrunken heads that looked like they’d been violently mauled by a rabid animal or a runaway semi-truck. Madballs were gross. Kids loved them. But a Madball-themed XBLA shooter released about 25 years after the fact just seems inherently wrong. Defying all logic, this old school-inspired abomination is actually so very right.”

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Review: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Ep. 4 – The Bogey Man

“Unfortunate and awkward mishaps seem perpetually in the cards for Wallace and Gromit. Yet the daffy British inventor and his intellectually-minded canine companion manage to overcome even the most outlandish obstacles thrown in their path. After run-ins with giant mutant bees, robotic mice, grumpy vacationers, ankle-biting pooches, and a dog-napping swindler, squirming out of an accidental marriage proposal and faking some mad golfing skills should be a cinch, right? Nothing is ever as easy at it seems.”

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Review: Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta

“While some of the DLC expansions are far more successful than others, Bethesda has at least done an impressive job of keeping up a fair amount of variety in each excursion. In some ways Mothership Zeta is wildly different from the downloadable vignettes that have come before it. The blend of old-school sci-fi flair, X-files creepiness, and subtle humor it features makes the trip a memorable one, even if you’re bound to encounter intermittent moments of repetition and boredom along the way. Is it the best of the bunch? Not hardly. But dismantling giant death rays, brawling with alien-human hybrids, and chatting up cowboys and samurai is worth the hassle of being probed and prodded.”

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Review: Droplitz

“If you’ve ever had to deal with leaky pipes causing drop-by-drop water damage in several different areas of your ceiling all at once, then the concept of Droplitz should be a familiar one. Playing the role of impromptu virtual puzzle-plumber and re-routing the heinous flow of a mysterious substance to where you want it to go is bound to wind up leading to moments of frustration – at least until you’ve polished your skills. But sticking with the drippy mess long enough eventually yields a puzzle nirvana that makes the steep challenge worth the effort.”

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Review: Rocket Riot

“Forget the wafer thin plot about chasing after some nefarious Mr. Potato Head-looking pirate guy with rocket boosters instead of legs. The real reason you’ll get a major kick out of Rocket Riot is that it saddles you with a hefty bazooka and drops you in a series of large, colorful arenas full of enemies just waiting for you to lob missiles at them. Surprisingly, it takes a lot longer for this premise to wear out its welcome than you might expect.”

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