Review: Risen

“Luck is not by your side in Risen. As a penniless stowaway on a ship that’s about to get trounced by a giant, menacing spirit beast, things aren’t looking so hot. Miraculously, you wash up on the stormy shores of a nearby island with your life still intact. However, the volcanic isle of Faranga is home to scores of ravenous beasts desperate for any opportunity to pick the flesh clean from your bones. Making matters worse, ancient, artifact-filled temples have inexplicably risen out of the earth, spilling forth even nastier creatures across the countryside. To top it all off, you arrive in the midst of a brutal power struggle between several rival human factions. Yes, luck is not by your side, so you’ll have to make your own.”

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Review: Cursed Mountain

“The howling winds blow eerily through the cold Himalayan mountaintops, providing a foreboding setting for a horror-infused adventure in the dark valleys below and atop the ice peaks high above. A little spookiness is just what the Wii needs, and Cursed Mountain has it in great supply. It may not dodge enough bullets to be dubbed a truly amazing survival-horror experience on the console, but it does send a few cold chills down the spine and deliver an occasionally unnerving performance that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

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