Free Bytes: Big Pixel Zombies

“It may come as a surprise that sometimes unholy flesh eating denizens of hell can be so damn cute and disarming. While the concept of blowing the crap out of swarms of hungry zombies in a fight to stay alive amidst a world-ending undead apocalypse has been worn out heavily in the past few years, Big Pixel Zombies makes the same old formula irresistibly charming and fun again. It’s tough not to laugh at the grisly zombie faces painted on the large moving blocks that lumber towards your, presumably in an effort to eat your pixilated brains.”

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Free Bytes: Bird Family

“Kids these days never seem to be able to sit still for long. If the wrangling of human little tykes sounds like a difficult task to do on terra firma, try considering what it must be like being a bird parent. That’s right, nabbing your fluttering offspring that are scattered about in mid-air and ushering them to the safety — while being chased by vicious crows and the cutest witch I’ve ever seen — is (mostly) no laughing matter. Feel like stepping up to the plate for a shot at being named bird parent of the year? Be our guest.”

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