Review: Costume Quest (PC)

“It’s been many years since the last time I duct taped together a crappy robot costume out of cardboard boxes, paint, and glow sticks in order to trudge around hassling neighbors for candy. While I might be too old for those kinds of shenanigans these days, I love the way Costume Quest simultaneously recaptures that same exuberant spirit of youthful Halloween fun while letting me get my virtual candy hunting and monster slaying ya-yas out. Though it’s now a year old, Double Fine’s first foray into downloadable games still shines brightly, and PC gamers get a few extra treats for the price of admission.”

Check out the full review here at IGN.


Top Downloadable Games October 2010

“The spooks and specters are out and about this month, which means the holiday gaming season is almost upon us. With lots of big blockbuster titles recently released and many others great games set to launch in the coming weeks, there’s a lot to be excited about. But don’t forget about the tasty downloadable goodies awaiting you as well! This month’s downloadable games selection has us hunting for candy in crazy costumes, hopping through scores of comics, rhythmically blasting robots in space, and head-banging with some baddies.”

Ok, I’ve neglected to post each installment here over the past few months, but my monthly downloadable games column is still going strong over at What They Play. Check out the October installment here.