Review: Cooking Mama 3: Shop and Chop

“Most folks will probably agree that Mama’s mannerisms in the kitchen still tend to be a little hot and cold. One minute she’s cheerfully praising your work with bubbly enthusiasm, and the next minute she’s literally spewing fireballs from her eyes in vitriolic contempt for the awful mess you’ve made for her meal-crafting instructions. Thankfully, she lives in the moment, flip-flopping her mood depending on your prowess and scores of individual tasks rather than focusing solely on the end result. Yes, Mama is back and she’s got a kitchen full of fresh recipes to hurl at you.”

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Review: Cake Mania: Main Street

14“Sandlot Games sort of went off the deep end for Cake Mania 3, sending our favorite heroine baker Jill on a freaky time-traveling journey to recover missing family members and serve up thousands of delicious frosted delights for a menagerie of dinosaurs, mummies, and wizards. Cake Mania: Main Street sees Jill settling back into the slightly more normal routine of trying to revive her hometown of Bakersfield. This time she brought her friends, and there’s far more than baking in store for you.”

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