Nintendo Power July 2010 Issue Contributions

Whoops! It’s been so crazy around these parts lately over the past month or so that I completely forgot to post my July issue Nintendo Power contributions. Page 88 features my short and sweet review of Tetris Party Deluxe on DS, which is pretty damn Tetrisy (a good thing). Fun extra modes are what really makes that one a definite buy.  I also have a few Community pieces: There’s a short piece on Japanese artist Haroshi who turned his broken skateboards into some crazy Mario-themed art. And on page 94 you can peep one super rad custom Koopa electric guitar. Shredtastic.


Nintendo Power June 2010 Contributions

The June issue of Nintendo Power has been out for a while now, though I’ve been slacking on getting the cover scanned and posted up here. In this issue I have a community piece on the tiniest LEGO NES ever on pg. 93. It’s a cute little thing, and it even has controllers and a working cartridge hinge. It was made by Micah Berkoff, who has a ton of awesome LEGO creations posted online here. I also have a review of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space for Wii in the reviews section on pg. 87. I should have quite a few more community pieces in the next few issues, and some great stuff in the works for down the road.

Nintendo Power Jan. 2010 Contributions

Nintendo Power’s 250th issue (Jan. 2010) is packed with some awesome features looking back at great moments in Nintendo’s history. I’m also pumped that I have three Community section contributions featured in this landmark issue. There’s a piece on an impressive Super Mario Bros. 3 push-pin mural created by computer science students at the University of Fraser Valley, a piece on a couple of jazzy dude who will come into your living room and play old NES music in real-time while you play the games (for a price), and a feature on a cool papercraft piece crafted by Philipp Stollenmayer of an invisible Boo that will give you a double-take.  Definitely check out that issue of you’re able to, as it also has some great work by fellow freelance game journo comrade and regular NP contributor Andrew Hayward. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Feb 2010 issue, as I have a ton of stuff going in as part of the annual Year in Preview feature. Thanks!

Nintendo Power Holiday 2009 Articles

The Holiday 2009 issue of Nintendo Power magazine is now out and includes a handful of pieces I wrote.  Awesome! Not sure how it happened, but two of my Community articles made it in this time. The first is a piece on Papercraft Museum curator Haywan Chiu’s simply outstanding life-sized papercraft Link from Twilight Princess. I was blown away by his meticulous work, and you can check out the inside scoop on how he put it all together in the article. Seriously. Nice job, dude. The second piece is on Matt Laboone’s giant SNES controller. So cool. This issue also includes my first review for the magazine, Bookworm DS, which I’m psyched about. I have many other Community pieces in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Nintendo Power Pieces

Nintendo Power magazine was staple reading back when I was a kid. I remember getting a free copy of Dragon Warrior on NES and a strategy guide with my first full subscription. Man, that game was awesome. I’ve stuck with the magazine over the years off and on, and I dig the way it has changed over time. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to learn my first official contribution to the magazine is slated to run in the Nov. issue. I’ve hesitated to say much until now, but I’ve recently had several other pieces commissioned for the magazine and expect this will probably continue with some regularity. Keep an eye on the Community section in the coming months.