Weird Things I’ve Done In Skyrim That Were F#*%ing Awesome (Volume 2)

I probably haven’t clocked nearly as many hours in Skyrim as the average RPG nerd, yet I’ve amassed a large cache of little personal stories culled from my journeys. Every time I boot it up I manage to stumble across some strange encounter, some random circumstance, some oddball situation I get myself into that makes me chuckle and go “WTF.” You can read about my first round of bizarre, bite-sized exploits here. I’ve added a few more to the pile for your amusement. Fellower adventurers, I give you: Weird Things I’ve Done In Skyrim That Were F#*%ing Awesome (Volume 2)!

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Feature: Is Print Really Dying?

It’s pretty rare that I’d devote half a year to a single article, but I’ve been working on a piece exploring the different angles of the so-called “Death of Print” ever since I sat in on a panel of the same name at PAX East. Though that panel discussion was quite interesting, I wanted to take a broader look at the subject and gather perspective from other editorial folks across the gaming industry, so I spent quite a bit of time wrangling interviews. Though the finished piece was originally slated to run in a print issue of GamePro, the decision was made to have it only appear on It’s ironic, perhaps, but I’m glad to see it finally out, and I’m really happy to see it has retained its massive length. Many thanks to the excellent editors who took the time out of their busy schedules for interviews for the piece.

Feel free to mosey on over to check out the full feature here at GamePro.