Review: Champions Online

“There are a ton of thrills to be had in the realm of spandex suits and superpowers, which is why crafting a totally unique superhero and charging head first into the troubled Millennium City in Cryptic Studio’s new MMORPG is immediately gratifying. The action-focused heroics in Champions Online are fast, furious, and truly fun. As with any MMO, the game is a constantly evolving work in progress that’s still being tweaked and expanded. Comic book fans will find lots to enjoy here, though more work will have to be done before Champions reaches its full potential.”

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Champions Online Hands-On Preview

With City of Heroes starting to show its age, Cryptic Studios is prepping to break out its hot new superhero MMORPG to let players act out their heroic, bad-guy pummeling fantasies in style. Based on the tabletop role-playing game, Champions Online is an action-heavy, comic book-inspired effort that’s poised to show up the developers’ past work in the arena of ripped, super-powered guys and gals. Beta testing is currently in full-swing, and the online game’s cross-platform launch is set to kick off in the coming months. We recently donned multi-colored spandex tights and dove into the crazy action in Millennium City. After spending some time cracking the skulls of humanoid insect warrior and helping the local citizenry alongside dozens of other strange-costumed do-gooders from around the virtual globe, our hands-on time with the PC Beta build of Champions Online left us wanting to go back for second, third, and fourth helpings of superhero ass-kickery.”

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