Review: Ranch Rush 2

“Even for those who love what they do, everyone needs a break from the daily grind of work now and then. If a tropical getaway sounds like a blast right now, you’re not alone. After getting her hands dirty building up a bustling farmer’s market from scratch in order to save the ailing flower nursery she works in Ranch Rush, Sara sets her sights on some fun in the sun. Though her island getaway in Ranch Rush 2 isn’t entirely a work-free vacation, a trip to warmer climates brings with it some excellent new opportunities for fun in this highly enjoyable sequel.”

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Hands-On Preview: Diner Dash 5: BOOM!

“For five years, busybody waitress and restaurant entrepreneur Flo has been corralling customers and keeping their stomachs full of greasy goodness. But modern times have made the public more health-conscious and acutely aware of their rapidly expanding waistlines. Flo’s attempt to keep up with the changing times backfires in Diner Dash 5: BOOM! Judging from our recent hands-on time with the game, we can safely say the fifth main entry in the Diner Dash series is going to be the wildest and funniest yet.”

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Review: Treasures of the Serengeti

“It’s hard to imagine the dry, grassy plains of the Serengeti would be a particularly hospitable location to settle, and it’s certainly not the kind of place where you’d expect to encounter a land rich with colorful gems ripe for the plucking. Treasures of the Serengeti may take more than a few liberties with its premise, but the tribal setting provides a nice backdrop for an unusual blend of traditional jigsaw puzzle and fast-paced gem matching gameplay. “

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Review: Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

“Grabbing a heavy ball and sending it thundering down the lane towards ten unsuspecting white pins can be a great way to unwind, and the resounding victorious crack of the ball against its target is simply cathartic. But those who feel they need a little something extra to sweeten the experience, Zombie Bowl-O-Rama offers even more excitement by replacing the customary pins with flesh-eating undead monsters. Instead of just bowling, you get to be a zombie hunter…armed with a bowling ball. “

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Review: Drawn: The Painted Tower

“At times both morose and beautiful, Drawn: The Painted Tower unfolds like a grim fairytale set in a land devoid of all happiness. When the last bastion of hope, a special young girl with magical drawing abilities, falls in imminent peril, you must brave the dangerous, puzzle-filled magical hallways of the tower she’s imprisoned in to save her before time runs out. Very little is what it appears to be, and the further you ascend towards the dark spire the deeper you’ll be drawn into this strange, imaginative world.”

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Review: The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates

“If you prefer some swashbuckling, keelhauling, and plank-walking flavor in your match-three puzzle action, then boy are you in luck. Sailing the deadly high seas in search of trouble and treasure provides the enticing thematic backdrop for a healthy dose of polished puzzle gameplay in The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates. A little piratical twist and a lot of variety make for some fun lighthearted Caribbean mayhem. Just watch out for sea serpents, scurvy, and sunken reefs along the way.”

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Review: Quantz

“Like brightly hued boxes full of enticing candy bits, color-matching puzzle games come in all manner of different shapes and sizes. Though it seems rare to stumble upon new variations that are particularly original, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a puzzle game where the pieces I’m trying to match roll around willy-nilly in every direction – as if they loathe the thought of being combined in the first place. Temperamental space marbles are not the only thing that makes QuantZ so unique.”

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Review: Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

“The simple written word can hold a surprising amount of power, but who would have thought stringing together chains of letters could harness enough mojo to best a mighty serpent beast or an undead kung-fu warrior? Casual gaming powerhouse PopCap Games brilliantly melded wordsmithery and light-hearted RPG combat in 2007’s Bookworkm Adventures. With another round of literary combat freshly queued up, the second volume is every bit as quirky and obsession-forming as the original.”

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Review: Plants vs. Zombies

“PopCap’s debut strategy defense game is a peculiar one indeed. Zombies are on the prowl in the neighborhood in search of your sweet, delicious brains. Instead of a quartet of gun-toting survivors, a photojournalist with a thing for shopping malls, or a swordfighting gal in a bikini, the true heroes of this undead apocalypse come out of a seed packet. This hearty assortment of flowers and other exotic plants vow to protect their master’s brains at all costs and hunker down to defend their stretch of the lawn from the shambling invaders. Luckily for your apparently enticing gray matter, this season’s annuals have good aim. Gardening is rarely an exciting endeavor, except when it’s done in a frantic attempt to save your hide.”

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