Review: Chaotic: Shadow Warriors

“With roots as a card battling game that eventually morphed into a hit kids’ cartoon, Chaotic: Shadow Warriors is made of the typical hyperactive, overstimulating stuff that most children simply thrive on. Plop them in front of the TV for a few episodes and then listen to them chatter about the inner-most complexities of the show. Sound unintelligible? It probably is. But even if you can’t quite get into the cheeseball, self-referential plot concepts and terminology-thick dialogue, there are some sound gameplay concepts floating around here and there. You just might have to dig a little to find them.”

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Review: Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers

magic%202--article_image“Countless hours spent tapping mana, summoning minions, strategically incanting spells, and trading cards with friends during study hall all came flooding back this month. Having once abandoned such pursuits long ago, the release of Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers has once again opened Pandora’s Box. The faithful will be pleased, for the most part.”

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Review: Texas Cheat ‘Em

“Rather than letting you simply count cards or sneak a few aces up your sleeve, Texas Cheat ‘Em takes a go big or go home approach to cheating. The game is as much about bending the rules and doing everything in your power to foil your opponents as it is about trying to put together a winning hand. It’s this extra layer of malicious strategy that transforms a tried and true card game into something far more entertaining. Sure, it’s a niche offering for card game enthusiasts, but it’s one that endures well beyond its cheater gimmick.”

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