UUDDLW Book Signing Pics

event3I gathered last night with a group of friends at our local gaming store to sign copies of my new book Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism. It was really cool to be setup right in the middle of a massive pile of nerdy awesomeness. Warhammer figurines to my left, used games to my right, a huge rack of AD&D manual across the room, and a GIANT Magic The Gathering tournament going on at the other side of the shop. I spent a little time talking about how I got started, what it’s like being a professional nerd, and all of that good stuff. Fun night! My pal and excellent local photographer Tim Hunt snapped a few pics while I was noodling around before the discussion. Figured I’d share them! The book is available in print and on Kindle now! Check it out!

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