Up Up Down Down Left WRITE Interview At DLYDJ

I recently chatted with the folks over at Don’t Lose Your Day Job, who were kind enough to write up a nice interview piece about the Kickstarter, the book, my thoughts on this and that, and freelancing in the game industry. I think the article came out quite well. You can check it out right here.

Also: The book Kickstarter is currently hovering at 19 percent funding, with only 22 days left to hit the $7,000 needed to make this happen. Please check out the project and consider becoming a backer! Remember: if the project doesn’t hit the goal by Sept 8. then it doesn’t get funded. Sad panda!


Busy months ahead

Interviews with nerdcore rappers and other various purveyors of geek music deliciousness continue to progress nicely. Should soon have enough research and interviews completed to be able to tackle the first third of the massive writing project that’s simmering, temporarily code-named “Awesome Geek Music Book You’ll Hopefully Want To Buy” for now.  Starting to dig deeper into video game cover band and chiptune scenes. In the meantime, the desk is cluttered with review copies of games I’m mostly looking forward to playing and a decent list of writing work I need to get cranking on. Full steam ahead!

Feature: Kickin’ It Nerdcore

mc frontalot

“Even before MC Frontalot coined the term “nerdcore” almost a decade ago to describe his own distinct flavor of hip hop, geeky rappers have busted out rhymes about videogames, AD&D, hacking, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, computer culture and an array of other unabashedly nerdy subjects. As this singular hip hop scene continues to develop and gain momentum, it’s not surprising to find an increasing number of references to videogames and gamer culture woven throughout the lyrics and beats of many rappers who rally under the nerdcore banner.”

A fun feature exploring the connections between nerdcore hip hop and videogames. This piece will eventually be expanded into a chapter in the book I’m working on about the music of geek and gamer culture. Check out the full article at The Escapist here.

Nerdcore, Videogames, and Projects

Expansive research and interviews for my forthcoming book on the music of geek and gamer culture continues (no solid title yet). I’ve got a variety of related articles in the works, one of which — a piece on the connection between nerdcore hip-hop and gaming — will be featured in an upcoming weekly issue of The Escapist early next month.

Aside from that major project, I’m continuing to churn out reviews, features, and columns on a steady basis (as you’ll see much of it posted here) and occasionally finding time to venture out into the outside world and get a nice blast of pleasant weather. Considering it’s still the slow season in the gaming world, it’s been a moderately busy few months, and I’m hoping to expand the volume of publications I write for in the near future. In any event, figured I’d drop a little text here to break up the article posts. I’ll be doing so off and on as I’ve got interesting stuff to share. Cheers.