Flash Game Freebie: Koi2

“Who needs drugs when you’ve got something as screwed up as Koi2 to completely blow your mind? Party-Tencho makes some of the weirdest free games we’ve ever experienced, but this one might take the cake. You play as a young man seeking to woo a female companion sitting at the table across from you. Instead of sweet words, pretty flowers, or chocolates, you express your undying love by launching your decapitated hand to whack her in the forehead. Yeah, it only gets freakier from there.”

Check out the full write-up here at GamesRadar.


Introducing: Quote Punch

Get ready for the upcoming debut of my new exclusive column: Quote Punch! As a journalist and a gamer, I often stumble upon amazingly bizarre, funny, or just plain awesome quotes. Quote Punch is repository for sharing some of the best gaming-related quotes I’ve culled from interviews, conversations, and playing games — and the story behind them.  New installments will be posted here exclusively as often as I come across them. Enjoy!