Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wii

It’s always entertaining when I’m playing a game for review in the living room and my wife walks by with her own commentary. This time it was “agh, that game is awful,” and it came a few minutes after putting up with what is arguably the most horrendous attempt at Russian sounding voice over dialogue we’ve possibly ever heard.  Ghost Recon for Wii wasn’t really on my radar until it showed up on my doorstep for me to review, so I dug into it to see where things were at. Hoo boy. The gameplay wasn’t what I was expecting. At all. While I actually felt that was a good thing at first, the experience quickly went downhill from there. If you’re curious, you can read all about it in my review over here at GamePro.


Review: Dream Cars

“The first thing that tends to come to mind when the topic of auto shops, fancy cars, and mechanics comes up is the stereotypical image of greasy dudes in grimy overalls with their noses buried under the hood of a hot rod. The fact Dream Cars instead stars two sisters whose entrepreneurial spirit and love of fast cars, racing, and building street machines from spare parts rivals that of even the most testosterone-addled motor enthusiast is incredibly refreshing.”

Oh, but it goes downhill from there! Check out the full review here at Gamezebo.

Review: G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra

“Rebooting retro, 80s kids’ cartoon franchises as blockbuster live action movies is all the rage these days, but without fail every one that rears its ugly head possesses an inherent disconnect from the brilliance of its source material. Most of these films fall somewhere along the spectrum of excruciation between having your fingernails pulled out one-by-one and having gasoline poured into your eye sockets. Initial excitement over the announcement of a new G.I. Joe film quickly turned to extreme trepidation once it became clear the atrocity that is G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra would be the end result.”

Check out the full review here at Cheat Code Central.