Review: Astro Tripper

“Back in the heyday of coin-op arcades you never had to look very far for a formidable challenge. Games were made brutally tough to encourage you to feed a steady supply of quarters into the cabinets in order to stay alive for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Though my PC thankfully doesn’t have a coin slot, I almost wish it did after playing Astro Tripper. PomPom Games drew some obvious inspiration from this sadistic era of gaming history in crafting this unforgiving retro shooter. It oozes coolness in the creativity department, but it plays like a series of swift and forceful kicks straight to the junk.”

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Review: TrackMania 2: Canyon

“Some people like their racing games drenched in cold, hard realism. Me? I’d rather spend my time blasting around the track at absurd speed and pulling off crazy tricks than grinding gears, spinning out on straight-aways, and smashing into guardrails. TrackMania 2: Canyon’s accessibility and addictive arcade racing is a perfect change of pace from the flashy rigidness of the genre’s hardcore simulation leanings. Ridiculous track designs and straightforward stunt racing is the norm on these wild, dusty tracks, but modern polish and saucy new moves make this killer ride a real tour de force.”

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Free Bytes: Magic Planet Snack

“There are tons of snacks out that are bad for you in one way or another, but I’m pretty sure scarfing down the inner core of a ginormous planet is bound to earn you a major scolding from your doctor for breaking a slew of healthy living rules. Then again, food just tastes better when you know it’s on the naughty list — even celestial bodies. The standard simply doesn’t apply in Magic Planet Snack, a silly arcade-style game the sends you flying through the cosmos to stuff your gullet with the guts of crushed worlds.”

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Review: Super Granny 5

“When most grannies grow to the ripe old age where their momentum slows dramatically, their days tend to be filled with more relaxing pursuits like reading, playing cards, socializing, and napping. Not Super Granny. She gets to battle the forces of evil with blowtorches, jackhammers, and lethal handbags in order to round up her perpetually missing feline companions. Though it’s much like past games in the series, Super Granny 5 continues Sandlot Games’ fine tradition of lighthearted elderly empowerment and frantic platforming puzzle action.”

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Review: Heroes Over Europe

“Practically nipping at the heels of Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, Transmission Games’ Heroes Over Europe completely does away with any attempts to provide a realistic flight combat simulation experience like its competition and instead hones-in on the guns-blazing, full throttle arcade action that’s already fairly commonplace in the genre. Some players may prefer to embrace simplicity and enjoy focusing on being in the moment while sending entire squadrons of bombers and fighters planes plummeting in a fiery demise. Heroes Over Europe certainly has all of that and more, but it’s rough around the edges in more than a few areas.”

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Review: Madballs in Bebo: Invasion

“Back in the mid-80s, someone thought it would be a great idea to create a series of toys that looked like a cross between baseballs and shrunken heads that looked like they’d been violently mauled by a rabid animal or a runaway semi-truck. Madballs were gross. Kids loved them. But a Madball-themed XBLA shooter released about 25 years after the fact just seems inherently wrong. Defying all logic, this old school-inspired abomination is actually so very right.”

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