Review: Anno 2070

“Trading in gunpowder kegs and fields of wheat for missile turrets and high tech underwater algae farms, Anno 2070 brings the popular civ-building strategy series into the modern era with a much-needed twist. With humanity recovering from a global ecological meltdown that leaves much of the world’s land and vital resources now well below sea level, you now have to weigh out both the environmental and economical impact of your actions as you build out your budding archipelago empire. While the fresh sci-fi vibe had me hooked from the get-go, it’s the shades of depth 2070 adds to the franchise’s already elaborate gameplay that makes the ebb and flow of expanding my ever-struggling civilization so captivating. ”

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Review: Dawn of Discovery

“Colonizing new lands and building a vast civilization from nothingness requires careful planning and management of resources to ensure a delicate balance is maintained to help your society grow and succeed. While well-known games like SimCity and City Life have all but perfected the formula, the extreme level of detail and complexity that comes with running a fledgling civilization as it expands and changes can be a bit overwhelming for some players. Dawn of Discovery, a Wii adaptation of the Anno series on PC, takes a more gentle approach to creating and maintaining a prosperous virtual realm without sacrificing depth.”

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