Review: The Sky Crawlers – Innocent Aces

“After gunning and bombing through far too many uninspiring WWII flight combat games, it’s easy to be sucked in by the way The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces almost teasingly rolls out a compelling far-out story of airborne warfare built around wingman camaraderie and some intense flying and fighting. The game is based on the Sky Crawlers anime film and sports a cinematic progression that anime fans will immediately appreciate. And the fact it’s put together by the Project Aces team means it doesn’t skimp on the crazy dog fighting action in the least.”

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Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces – Hands-On Preview

Skycrawlers1--article_image“Imagine living in a society so accustomed to war that its citizens simply can’t cope with not killing each other en-masse for any extended period of time. Unsettled by lasting peace, the restless populace in The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces craves constant bloodshed, smoldering wreckage, and destruction. Hopping into the cockpit for a test-run of Project Aces’ upcoming anime aerial combat sim, we gave the people what they asked for.”

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Review: PANGYA: Fantasy Golf

“Golf Games have been done before on the PSP, but rarely do they venture very far beyond the traditional bounds of the sport like what we’ve seen in Nintendo’s take on the pastime. For gamers who could normally care less about sports titles, it can take a lot for one to elicit their attention. Dressing up one of the least exciting and visually stimulating sports to make it enticing for players who are used to a constant IV drip of flashy action and explosions is no simple task. It seems South Korean developer NTREEV Soft is well aware of this conundrum and has laid the groundwork to draw players into the fold with a few clever tricks.”

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