Review: Tony Hawk: Ride

“Sometimes making a game more realistic isn’t always the best way to go. Learning how to skateboard in real life is an exhausting, frustrating, and frequently painful experience. In that regard, Tony Hawk: Ride manages to hit the reality nail on the head. You might not crack your face open on the concrete or get de-balled by a freak rail-grind slip, but this awkward exercise in fake skateboarding is wonky enough to make even the most devout Tony Hawk game fans yearn for a return to the days of button mashing combos.”

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Review: Band Hero (DS version)

“Activision’s attempt to reach out to a younger, more casual rhythm gaming audience may send an uneasy shudder down the spines of some in the hardcore Guitar Hero crowd, but the scores of tweens and teeny boppers that will surely flock to Band Hero and find themselves hooked on the experience means more money in the bank. Band Hero on the DS isn’t nearly as drenched in pink glitter and mindless pre-teen slang as its console brethren. That’s not a bad thing. However, this ill-fated rock-n-roll ship springs some fatal leaks early on in its voyage.”

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Review: Band Hero

“Tweens and youngsters who listen to the radio religiously will likely find this song list – and the fact Taylor Swift, some guy from Maroon 5, and Gwen Stefani from No Doubt make in-game appearances – extremely squeal worthy. Serious Guitar Hero fans who prefer head banging, feedback, and stage diving in their rock games will want to die half-way through the game – assuming they even make it that far.”

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