Hybrid Review (@IGN)

“The doom and gloom of brutal sci-fi warfare may be a far cry from the bubbly color and cutesy sheen of developer 5th Cell’s most famous franchise, Scribblenauts, yet the studio’s creative touch doesn’t shine as brightly in its new divergent online-only multiplayer shooter — at least not on the surface. Hybrid masks its highly innovative third-person combat with generic factions, standard weapons, and a presentation that’s been cribbed many times before. But underneath all of that lies some of the craziest, most unique multiplayer mayhem I’ve hopped into in a long time.”

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Review: Drawn To Life – The Next Chapter

“The clever and innovative formula was fun the first time around, and it certainly showcased the level of creativity possible with the DS’ stylus interface, but it loses some of its impact the second time around. Developer 5th Cell has fine-tuned many aspects of the game design for Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter. While this sequel is a tighter game in most regards, it mostly just delivers more of the same cute, kid-friendly, scribble-happy experience found in the first title. The more noticeable improvements are welcome ones, although they’re not entirely focused on areas that could have benefited the most from a little extra attention.”

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