How To Help Missile Cards Succeed on iOS Launch Week


Here I stand, at the precipice of another intense launch week: excited, anxious, ready to hustle like crazy, and entirely unsure of what the future holds beyond the next few days of battleprep. Missile Cards launches on iOS this Wednesday (6/28). *Gasp!*

Getting the game out on mobile is my second (and probably last) chance to try to hit (and hopefully exceed) my “break even” sales goal to cover the project’s development. Beyond that, I’m really hoping it does well enough to help establish a strong baseline that lets me release more of the unique mobile card games I’m continuing to work on this year.

If you’ve been rooting for me, or want to help see the game succeed, this week (and the month beyond) is a great time to pitch in — in any way you can. More on that in a bit.

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Missile Cards Launching on iOS on 6/28


ONE WEEK. One week from today, Missile Cards will be launching on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. That’s crazy. I’m excited, and a little freaked out. Since it launched on Steam in April, a lot of people have been telling me they want to be able to play this intense strategy card game I made on their iThingies. So yeah…SOON! That is a thing that will happen. More specifically, next week, on Wed. June 28th this year of 2017.

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Game Maker Studio, Indie Dev Tips and Indie Entrepreneurship

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Happy Friday! Just wanted to pop in for a sec to share this super fun podcast interview over at the GameMaker Podcast, where I chat at length about my past in games writing, creative entrepreneurship, shifting over to indie development, making small games fast, using Game Maker Studio, Touchfight Games, making and launching Missile Cards and much more!

If you’re interested in making games, Game Maker, or solo indie development in general, give this episode a listen (and check out the show in general, it’s a lot of fun) right here:

Wanted: Missile Cards iOS Beta Testers!


Whew, what a month! The iOS version of Missile Cards is FINALLY almost ready to go. Exciting stuff! So…I’m running a very quick Beta test this weekend to kick the tires and test this thing out in the wilds on various iOS devices.

The Beta runs from 5/25 (tomorrow) to 5/30 (Tuesday)! Slots are limited, so if you want to sign-up read on!

A few quick notes first:

  • First, you’ll need to grab the free Testflight app and signup up for a free account – This only takes a sec. Be sure to take note of the email address you signed-up with. I’ll need that to ping you with the beta invite straight in Testflight.
  • Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is Sign up for my Beta Tester list and provide the deets requested. I’ll be sending out the beta code through Testflight tomorrow, so once you get the email with the link, you can download it on your device, play it a bit, and file any feedback or bug reports. Cool? Cool.
  • The Beta version will only be playable through Tuesday. After that, it’ll get turned off — so this is more of a chance to get a quick taste of the game, and help me ensure it works smoothly on all devices (vs getting a freebie). The game will only be a few bucks at launch, though, so I appreciate your support if you dig it and also feel like buying it at launch. Anyhooo!

Once you’ve got your Testflight stuff setup:

Sign up for the Missile Cards iOS Beta right here!

Thanks a bunch! Your help and support is greatly appreciated! Hoping for a solid launch on iOS next month. Fingers triple crossed!


6 Reasons to Start a Devlog for your Indie Game (#Gamedev Audio Blog #7)

When it come to creating things, from making games to writing ebooks, I’m a nerd for process. I find reading other peoples’ devlogs a blast, but creating your own has numerous benefits, too. For indie devs, a devlog can be a great tool for getting the word out about your game, sharing your creative ideas, and documenting your design process to learn from down the road post-launch.

Episode 7 of my GameDev Audio Blog series looks at 6 reasons you should considering starting a devlog for your indie game, and the potential benefits you can gain from doing it right.

If you’re looking for an example of one way to approach this, head over to to peep my new devlog for my upcoming narrative horror RPG, Deathwell.

Enjoy the episode? Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or comment to let me know if you’re digging these and want more? Happy to take topic requests or answer Qs in future installments if you have any.

Steam Launch Diary #7: Mobile is My Second Chance Hail Mary

Missile Cards is OUT NOW on steam. Only $4.99! (And coming to iOS soon, too) – If you want to support my ongoing gamedev efforts this year, grabbing a copy means a lot! Thanks!

MCiphoneWell, I survived Missile Cards’ launch month on Steam! Nothing went quite as planned, as is almost always the case with any game launch, but that’s just another reason to go into every launch hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst.

I hustled my ass off throughout the month, and I definitely saw some positive results from my efforts. It wasn’t enough to hit my rough goal of breaking even during launch month, but I managed to generate a bit of press, a trickle of sales, some decent interest, and I got over the first big hurdle of simply getting the game out there on Steam.

With that out of the way, I’m 100% focused this month on prepping for a mobile launch on iOS, which is my second chance at hitting my financial goal with this project. I’ve got some exciting updates on that front, but first, let’s look at exactly how Missile Cards did sales-wise during the first month on Steam:

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Steam Launch Diary #6: Finding A Silver Lining and Overcoming Adversity

Missile Cards is OUT NOW on steam. Only $4.99! (And coming to iOS soon, too) – If you want to support my ongoing gamedev efforts this year, grabbing a copy during this critical launch month means a lot! Thanks!


What. A. Week. After being publicly mocked by Duke Nukem 3D co-creator George Broussard for putting what he calls a “throwaway game” on Steam, I didn’t think things could get much worse this week. There’s nothing like having someone kick dirt in your face when you’re already down and struggling.

[Also, it’s a bit weird to be getting traffic from his secret walled “Game Illuminati” forum/group. Ergh. Yeah?]

But despite a rough few days, I’m pretty happy to be able to end the week on a positive note, for once. In the last few days, Missile Cards has picked up some positive coverage, including this great write-up at PC Gamer and another glowing review up at Stately Play. Steam sales have also slowly picked up a  bit of momentum, too.

Before I dig into that and what’s next, here’s a quick update:

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