Feature: Storming The Fortress

“Now more than a year after its release, Team Fortress 2, Valve’s stylish class-based first-person shooter, still draws dozens of servers full of skilled players at any given moment. From day one, it’s provided players with an extremely satisfying multiplayer experience. But while the core gameplay is as strong as ever, it’s not what has kept the TF2 community thriving well past day 400. For that, you can thank Valve’s ongoing improvements, additions and adjustments to the game.”

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Feature: The Joy of Video Game Cooking

“The kitchen can be a wonderful place for creating mouth-watering dishes for friends and family. However, in my rather inept hands, a kitchen can also be a dangerous weapon. More often than not, it’s a realm filled with foul language, foul smells and foul cuisine. Perhaps if I spent as much time actually cooking as I do playing cooking-related videogames, the stomachs in my household would ache out of a desire for seconds instead of an urgent need to expel their contents into the nearest bucket.”

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Feature: The (Free) Spirit of Christmas

indiedevesc“Your credit cards, maxed out from purchasing thoughtful gifts for a multitude of loved ones, may be worthless, but take solace in the fact there are many wholesome indie gaming gems beckoning for your attention. These wondrous attractions are accessible to neophytes and masters alike, all for the lovely price of completely free. Come! Let us lose ourselves in the swirling vortex of indie freeware bliss. Grab your mouse and follow me.”

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Feature: 8-Bit Empire

“From the full-on screeching audio assault of his former electronic noise-punk group, Atari Teenage Riot, to the varied arrangements of his solo work, German musician Alec Empire is well versed in the power of utilizing the sounds and aesthetic of videogames in his music. For close to two decades, his music and politics have been hard-edged, unforgiving and nothing short of revolutionary. One of the revolutions he inspired fits in the palm of your hand. Empire was among the earlier artists to adopt what has now become the audio weapon of choice in the digital underground: a Nintendo Game Boy.”

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