Quote Punch #2: Garden Variety

Quote Punch

“Every Monday, six of us venture out into the garden and sit at the vertices of a pentagon. The last person to arrive is required to spend the meeting sitting on my lap, which is sometimes painful for me, but also sometimes quite pleasant. Each team member writes ideas out onto slips of white paper, and impales them onto bamboo poles near seedlings. When we return the subsequent Monday, the ideas with the healthiest-looking sprouts are implemented, and the rest are discarded.”

– Dejobaan Games founder Ichiro Lambe being facetious about his team’s creative process.

The story: An unexpectedly funny interviewee, Ichiro has a wacky humor about him that bleeds into his work. This quote didn’t make it into the finished piece, but I felt it was worth sharing. In this very same interview he suggested plying game testers with various forms of alcohol to help determine how effective his game would be on different consoles. Good stuff. Dejobaan’s upcoming game about kamikaze skydiving, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, is profiled here at The Escapist.

Quote Punch #1: A Meaty One

Quote Punch

“The game will be so amazing that you will crap your pants and so awesome that your body will suck the crap back up inside you.”

– Edmund McMillen explaining how much players will enjoy Super Meat Boy on Wii.

The story:Edmund is an interesting fellow. His indie games are right up my alley: packed full of weirdness and disturbing imagery. My jaw dropped when I read his response to a simple question about the differences between the Meat Boy flash game and the improved Super Meat Boy for WiiWare he’s working on. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people since I first became a journalist, and rarely do you get a quote as juicy as this one. The piece this quote appeared in can be found over here at The Escapist.

Introducing: Quote Punch

Get ready for the upcoming debut of my new exclusive column: Quote Punch! As a journalist and a gamer, I often stumble upon amazingly bizarre, funny, or just plain awesome quotes. Quote Punch is repository for sharing some of the best gaming-related quotes I’ve culled from interviews, conversations, and playing games — and the story behind them.  New installments will be posted here exclusively as often as I come across them. Enjoy!