Review: Osmos

“Playing Osmos is like gazing into a petri dish full of living microorganisms through the lens of a high-powered microscope. You control one single mote amongst many in a low-key cage-match to see who can grow the biggest. As a single-celled organism, your main objective in most levels is to absorb enough matter to dwarf — and ultimately consume — the bulk of the other motes in your microcosm. Any smaller motes you come in contact with are absorbed and make you increase in size. But accidentally bump up against motes that are larger than you, and they’ll suck you up like the last drop of a frosty milkshake.”

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Free Bytes: Rabbit Wants Cake

“Rabbit wants cake…because he appreciates it a lot. He wouldn’t share his cake with anybody but you. By the way, did you know he loves what you’re wearing today? Yes, it seems adorable bunnies will say anything these days to get a sweet baked treat previously reserved for humans only. With those cute whiskers, fluffy tail, and strange radio antenna sticking out of his back, it’s hard to resist giving him what he wants, but you’ll have to figure out how to do so first.”

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Play This Now: Geometry Wars Galaxies

“Ever since high school, the study of mathematics in all of its various insidious incarnations has been the utter bane of my existence. For whatever reason, my brain just doesn’t work that way. Maybe it’s the fact I almost failed geometry class, but the thought of blasting those vile shapes (which represent horribly complex angle and volume formulas I could never quite seem to recall during crucial tests) into neon space dust is endlessly appealing. While the shape-destroying mathematical carnage in Geometry Wars: Galaxies speaks to me on a deeper level, its stylish arcade-style gameplay is also universally compelling.”

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Free Bytes: William and Sly

“It’s super easy to get lost in the deep woods, which is why every smart forest-dwelling bohemian constructs a magical runestone teleportation system for their storage cave that’s oddly located several miles from their cozy abode. Unfortunately, even the most expertly constructed mystical transportation devices have a tendency to break down, and ancient teleporter repairmen are in short supply in the remote wilderness. If you’re too lazy to venture out into the dangerous forest on your own to fix it, what do you do? Get a furry friend to do it for you.”

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Free Bytes July Medley: Food Frenzy

“Who doesn’t love to eat? It’s one of our many basic needs for survival, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it in the process. Whether you’re a carnivore, an omnivore, a vegetarian, a vegan, or (gasp!) even a freegan, we’ve got something you’ll like. This month’s Free Bytes themed medley gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “playing with your food.” Bon appétit!”

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Free Bytes: How to Raise a Dragon

“I highly doubt catching a dragon alive would be an easy feat. Assuming you were able to accomplish such a lofty and life-threatening task without being scorched or dismembered, how would you actually go about raising a dragon? Like babies of every other species, newborn dragons don’t just come equipped with owner’s manuals. How to Raise a Dragon attempts to impart the requisite knowledge for successfully rearing a magical, fire-breathing reptile. More interestingly, it gives you the chance to play one the dangerous little critters and impact the kind of dragon it will turn out to be.”

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Feature: 5 Bogus Female Gaming Stereotypes

“Gone are the days when gaming was considered just a guy thing. Though times have changed and continue to change, some gamers and folks in the gaming industry abroad are still clinging to some of the same old tired misconceptions about female game enthusiasts. Join us as we explore a few of the bogus stereotypes still floating around women and their games.”

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Feature: True Confessions of a Male Gamer

“I walked into the store with the full intention of not being embarrassed. Though the shelves were lines with AAA action titles and blockbuster hits, my gaze avoided these enticing games and instead settled on a box adorned with a cat wearing a pink heart suit and purple roller skates. Bolstering my resolve, I looked around, gingerly plucked the game off the shelf, and made my way to the counter. The game store clerk — a young male who clearly fell into the hardcore gamer category judging from his banter with a fellow employee — looked at the copy of Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue I had placed on the register counter and shot me a bemused glance. “It’s for my wife,” I sheepishly volunteered. It was a lie.”

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Free Bytes: Kissma

“When love is in the air, a little smoochy-smoochy is often not far behind. Adding a few rounds of intoxicating beverages into the mixture can sometimes turn a little kissing into a whole lot of kissing. But when amore starts flowing a little too freely — to the point where your lips seemingly form their own agenda and get the lock on every target venturing within a 20 foot radius — things can get more than a bit weird. Normally, this might be a good sign it’s time to pull the plug on the evening. That’s not the case in Kissma, where every single kiss counts.”

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5 Bogus Male Gaming Stereotypes

“Playing games and being a gamer is not all about sitting lazily on your backside all day “pwning noobz” and spewing profanities over Xbox Live in man-child displays of Neanderthal intellect. For all the guys who do indeed fit neatly into some of the typical patterns and designations most commonly affixed to male gamers, there are many who do not. Check your assumptions at the door; not all is as it seems. Join us as we dive into some of the bogus stereotypes associated with being a guy who loves video games.”

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