Review: Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

“Mario and his green suited bro have been on some wild and wooly adventures over the years, but their latest goofy quest full of mishaps and mayhem leads them directly into the mouth of the beast. Bowser’s mouth, that is. But he’s not the real anti-hero to be worrying about here. Spend a little time in this shenanigan-filled world and you’re bound to be delighted, once you stop laughing.”

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Free Bytes: Window Hater

“Something about their vile, shiny transparency simply disgusts you. Looking through them makes your skin crawl. You can’t think of anything you’d rather do than smash them into tiny marvelous bits. Your name is Maximillian Q. Worthington and you hate windows with a burning passion. When a strange package arrives at your doorstep containing a flamethrower and jetpack, you know exactly what you must do.”

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Free Bytes: Cat Cat Watermelon

“What do deliciously ripened fruits, colorful beach balls, assorted blocks, and adorable kittens have in common? Not much, except that you get to stack them in crazy, towering combinations in the goofily-named physics puzzler Cat Cat Watermelon. The recipe for a good time is simple: a spoonful of cuteness, a little gravity, a tiny platform, and loads of challenge. This is one insanely tasty balancing act you won’t want to miss out on.”

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Play This Now: Meteos

“It’s not surprising that many players and critics alike dubbed Meteos the best handheld puzzle game since Tetris. Almost immediately, the game’s action-packed match-three space battles marked it as the puzzler to own on the DS. Four years later, it’s still sitting high atop the must-own list of titles available for the handheld. Sending colored blocks and assorted symbols rocketing skyward like psychedelic missiles towards opposing alien worlds is mesmerizing enough to keep you hooked and frantic enough to make your palms sweat.”

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Free Bytes: Seven

“The planetary balance is all out of whack. You’ll feel the same too, by the time the time you collect all of the seven starts located in the seven levels in Seven. Once again, we bring you one of those fun-filled games that will blow your mind with its sheer weirdness. Don’t be afraid though; it’s a pleasant kind of mental warping that goes on ‘round these parts.”

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Free Bytes: Walkie Tonky

“Humans build robots for various reasons. Usually those reasons involve a functional purpose designed to make life easier for us squishies. Other times we design them to provide amusement. But visitors from another galaxy might have their own ideas about the best use for robotic entities — like exterminating life on our inferior planet. So why not drop a giant, sentient, mechanical behemoth the size of a skyscraper onto Earth and see what happens? Walkie Tonky is on the loose, and crushing the humans is its prime directive.”

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Free Bytes August Medley: Getting Schooled

“Some people seem to have an aversion to anything involving learning and studiousness, but there’s a way around that. Education can be delivered under the guise of fun, if it’s packaged correctly. Whether it’s math, English, or another useful pursuit, some sneaky developers have managed to make honing important skills enjoyable. This month’s Free Byte’s medley looks at some brainy freebie games that just might exercise your noggin without you even noticing it.”

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Free Bytes: Learn To Fly

“Penguins can’t fly, but don’t try telling that to this particular little guy. Equipped with a serious case of denial and a toolbox full of helpful mechanical goodies, this black and white arctic bird sets out to prove to the world he’s got what it takes to reach the sky. Come hell or high water, this persistent penguin is not going to give up without a fight. Through repetition, smart use of technological resources, and a little gumption, you can help the poor fellow eventually attain his lofty goal.”

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Download Picks: August

“Downloadable games are a great, low-cost alternative to their physical counterparts and offer instant gaming gratification when you just can’t be bothered to trek out to the mall. With the flood of digital releases each month making the prospect of wading through the muck to find the hidden pearls a daunting one, we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few of the best monthly download gaming picks for you. Welcome to the debut edition of Download Picks.”

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Free Bytes: Upgrade Complete

“Now here’s a game that challenges the very notion of what a game can or should be about. Forgive me if I sound a bit spoiled, but I’m pretty sure most of the games I’m used to delving into are generally finished when I start playing them. That’s not the case in Upgrade Complete — a very basic shooter that forces you to wrack up cash in order to upgrade the actual basic elements of the game itself in order to play it. However, that’s oddly what makes it such a fun experiment to mess around with.”

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