Free Bytes October Medley: Gross Fun

“Not all free games are nice, neat, and tidy. Some involve poop, others involve vomit, and a few involve snot. Bodily functions are a part of being human, and some indie game developers felt inclined to explore the grosser side of game design. We applaud them for their gall, as the results are hilarious, fun, and a little disturbing. A few of the scatological oriented selections in this month’s Free Bytes medley might make you throw up in your mouth a little bit, but we assure you it’s going to be worth it. Enjoy!”

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Download Picks: October

“So many choices; so little time. Yes, this month has dumped another heap of enticing downloadable gaming goodness on our doorstep, and we’ve spent some time sifting through the bits and bytes to hand-pick some hot bite-sized game recommendations. Get ready to wrestle the wind, clean up rainbow barf, play some monster chess, and indulge in your puzzle addiction.”

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Free Bytes: Miami Shark

“The thought of large, carnivorous sea beasts awaiting just beneath the waves tends to instill a sense of passing dread in many of us who prefer to stay on land, yet it’s not enough to stop scores of other braver souls to flock to the beaches for some sand and swimming on warm summer days. Indeed, sharks tend to get a bad rap, but the toothy protagonist in Miami Shark even makes Jaws look tame.”

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Free Bytes: RunMan: Run Around The World

“When the passing scenery is so syrupy sweet and bubbly, it’s challenging to avoid stopping for a moment or two to soak in the view. But sightseeing isn’t on the itinerary for RunMan. This energetic little bouncing star has places to go and mileage to clock. For him, life is a race, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. That works out just fine, since the thrill of bounding around, over, and under obstacle after obstacle at high-speed in countless hand-drawn levels is great indeed.”

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Free Bytes: When Pigs Fly

“Wandering piggies are often prone to getting themselves into trouble. Such is the case with one special pink oinker who winds up accidentally falling into a dark cave network without any means of climbing back out. Despite squealing with all its might, there’s no one around to help the poor critter. In desperation, this little piggy makes a wish…and it actually comes true. But the newly-sprouted feathery wings sticking out of its back will take some getting used-to. That’s where your fast fingers and steely nerves come in.”

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Free Bytes: Higher!

“Why would you want to make your house float up into space? When it comes to the limitless possibilities and potential for weirdness in the gaming world, I suppose the real question to ask is why not? Attaching balloons to your abode seems a good a means as any to slowly launch it skyward, but keeping it afloat is far more challenging than you might think. Sit down for a few minute of Higher!, and you just must not get back up for a few hours. Watch out. The sky is calling.”

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Download Picks: September

“The floodgates remain open, and the steady rush of downloadable games showered across all platforms each week shows no signs of abating anytime soon. The month of September has ushered-in a little something for all tastes, but thrill seekers will find our selections definitely get the blood pumping. A little retro-shooting, a touch of space-age tower defense, some crazy base jumping, and more downloadable gaming goodness awaits you in this month’s installment of Download Picks.”

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Free Bytes: Fig. 8

“Hopping on a bicycle and taking a leisurely ride through the countryside is a great way to unwind on a breezy summer afternoon. Being strapped to your work desk all day may prevent such an indulgence, but a monitor and PC keyboard make a tolerable substitute. Fig. 8 lets you embark on a pedaling adventure of sorts, except it replaces the blue sky with blank nothingness and switches out the green scenery for black-inked technical sketches.”

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Review: Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

“The timeless tale of a windswept Kansas girl and her pooch being transported away from tornado alley and dumped into a strange, magical world has been interpreted and re-tooled in some unexpected ways. Developer Media Vision’s latest new twist on the story, which sees the protagonist and her motley crew of cohorts donning weapons and armor and charging into battle, is easily one of my favorite takes on the lass’ adventures in the land of Oz. Dorothy and pals are packing heat, and her little dog too.”

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Free Bytes September Medley: Into the Groove

“Some prefer to relax to a flurry of soft, melodic piano notes. Others dig the driving beats and screeches of electronic mayhem. Regardless of where you fall along the spectrum of personal musical tastes, we’re about to dish out the funk with some hot, free games for the musically inclined. Join in with dancing robots, 8-bit rockers, flowing musical notes, and more musical craziness in this month’s Free Bytes themed medley.”

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