Announcing: DUNKYPUNG

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Hello fellow hu-mans! I’m thrilled to finally announce my next game, DUNKYPUNG, which will be launching on iOS in January 2019! Want to give the game a try right now? Help me Beta test [info below]!


I’m glad you asked!

DUNKYPUNG is a deadly cute brutal bouncing action game for iOS made by one human being named Nathan Meunier. Bounce your way through EXTREMELY CHALLENGING, ever-shifting arenas filled with spinning saws, spring-loaded spikes, flames, and other super not friendly hazards!

The game features:

  • DEATH. So much death.
  • DEATH HUGS. Brush close to deadly things without dying to boost your score.
  • DEADLY BOSSES. Be annihilated over and over again, but love it!
  • ME SAYING “DEATH.” Like. A lot. I recorded 40+ different death voices.
  • And some other stuff?

Here’s a trailer [sorry for the slight lag, the game runs at 60 fps and my video capture was a hair behind]:

And some screenshots:

Cool, right?


So the game is done! But I’m looking for folks to help me Beta test, kick the tires, and get a bit of in-the-wild feedback to help fine tune anything ahead of the game’s January 2019 launch! It’ll be a universal app for iPhone and iPad, so I’m keen to have folks play it on different devices to make sure everything jives. Also curious to see what folks think of the game…it’s STUPID HARD but totally beatable.

The game will be available for $2.99 shortly after the New Year. Yes, a premium game. I want players to be 100 percent invested in dying over and over again…WITHOUT SHITTY POP-UP ADS and iAPS! You’re welcome, I guess?

I have a limited number of Beta tester slots. You’ll need to download the free Testflight app if you don’t have it installed, but either way click the link below to join the limited-time Beta and get started! Looking forward to your feedback!


Thanks a bunch!


4 thoughts on “Announcing: DUNKYPUNG

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  4. Game looks great. Would love to help out with quality feedback. I beta as much as I can for mobile, as I mainly game mobile. I’ll be testing on an iPhone XSmax and iPad pro running iOS 12.1.1 beta 4. Anyhow, my test flight email is Hope to play soon. Thanks and all the best mate. 🍻 cheers.

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