So…Uh. THAT happened! (Missile Cards iOS Update)

Yesterday started off with a lot of questions about how the rest of this iOS launch for Missile Cards was going to go. I wrote up a lengthy post about failure, how it’s a normal part of the creative process (it absolutely is), and why you shouldn’t give up easily. Then, later in the day, a bunch of things all exploded at once–driving that point home in some powerful ways.

First…THIS happened.



Getting featured on the main page of the App Store is HUGE. I thought Missile Cards didn’t make the cut when the store shifted over on Thursday, but then last night a bunch of new games were added…including my own. This will make a big difference in launch momentum. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly WHAT this is going to do to my sales, as the data is still a day behind and the changeover happened later in the day yesterday.

But DAMN. This is…good. Very good. V GOOD BOY.

Other good things that are good!

Getting featured is A BIG DEAL, considering it’s my first solo iOS game, I’m not working with a publisher, and I’m doing all of the marketing and launch hustle on my own. But it was also actually was a perfect surprise ending to a day that started “meh” and gradually ramped-up with cool things piling on top of the “meh.” Turning that “meh” into a “YEEAAAAHHH!” (Sorry, I haven’t slept much).

TouchArcade named Missile Cards it’s GAME OF THE WEEK, which is SUPER COOL!


That was another really nice surprise.

On top of that, a bunch of press coverage and reviews for Missile Cards dropped yesterday, and reviewers seemed to really dig the game on the whole! Here’s a few of the reviews I’ve found so far:

9.6 / 10 – AppAdvice Review 

4 / 5 – Gamezebo Review

4/5 – 148Apps Review

PocketTactics Write-Up

PocketGamer’s App Army Roundup 

So far this is also all super encouraging. The extra coverage is great, and the fact folks are pretty positive about the game is awesome. I feel pretty good about it.

So now what? More hustle.

Getting featured is great, and all of the positive press and coverage is killer. Missile Cards is at the top of charts in both Card and Board Game categories, and is gradually climbing its way into the top 100 paid charts for the entire app store.

I won’t know what impact this has for a few more days when I’ve got more data and things have settled in a bit. Right now, I’ve sold over 1350 copies in the first 3 days or so, but I won’t really know what effect the featuring has until I get through the weekend.

So, even with this great news, I still need to keep my head down and keep on hustling this week to maintain positive momentum and push higher.

Everyone’s support has been so very appreciated, and if you feel like keeping up the love into next week until I REALLY know where things are at, that’ll continue to be a big help. If you’ve bought the game, don’t forget to leave a review, and tell your peeps!

Thanks so much! I’m a bit more optimistic about the path ahead! Let’s do this!



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