Wanted: Missile Cards iOS Beta Testers!


Whew, what a month! The iOS version of Missile Cards is FINALLY almost ready to go. Exciting stuff! So…I’m running a very quick Beta test this weekend to kick the tires and test this thing out in the wilds on various iOS devices.

The Beta runs from 5/25 (tomorrow) to 5/30 (Tuesday)! Slots are limited, so if you want to sign-up read on!

A few quick notes first:

  • First, you’ll need to grab the free Testflight app and signup up for a free account – This only takes a sec. Be sure to take note of the email address you signed-up with. I’ll need that to ping you with the beta invite straight in Testflight.
  • Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is Sign up for my Beta Tester list and provide the deets requested. I’ll be sending out the beta code through Testflight tomorrow, so once you get the email with the link, you can download it on your device, play it a bit, and file any feedback or bug reports. Cool? Cool.
  • The Beta version will only be playable through Tuesday. After that, it’ll get turned off — so this is more of a chance to get a quick taste of the game, and help me ensure it works smoothly on all devices (vs getting a freebie). The game will only be a few bucks at launch, though, so I appreciate your support if you dig it and also feel like buying it at launch. Anyhooo!

Once you’ve got your Testflight stuff setup:

Sign up for the Missile Cards iOS Beta right here!

Thanks a bunch! Your help and support is greatly appreciated! Hoping for a solid launch on iOS next month. Fingers triple crossed!



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