Looking for Reviewers – Kindle Book Review Formula


Desperate to get more Kindle reviews for your books? Seeking more five star reviews? Craving that social proof that’ll help sell your books?

I know what that feels like. Not having those critical customer reviews and positive social proof posted early on in your launch can be a nerve wracking drag. Positive reviews help sell books. Having lots of reviews helps sell books. Period.

Over the past few years, I’ve developed and fine-tuned a system for getting launch-day reviews, building long-term reviews, and making it easy for my readers to leave reviews for my books. It works well, and I’m eager to share what I’ve learned.

So this bring me to my new Udemy course that’s going live soon:


The Kindle Book Review Formula

This week I’m putting the finishing touches on a new online course that teaches you all of this good stuff. And I’m looking for a limited number of indie authors and writer folks to take the course for free, kick the tires, and leave an honest review in time for launch.

The course covers a lot of ground across four modules and over 20+ lessons. It covers:

  • The importance of Kindle reviews, how to get positive reviews, and why you want honest reviews.
  • My step-by-step system of building and activating a day-1 launch review team to get lots of reviews live for launch week.
  • Long-term strategies for getting more reviews for your books.
  • How to deal with negative reviews and gain value from critical feedback.

Interested in a free pre-launch coupon to take the course? Willing to check it out and leave an honest review at launch?

Email me at thenathanmeunier (at) gmail dot com

And I’ll put you on the reviewer’s list to receive a course coupon as soon as it’s available (likely between X-Mas and Jan 1st). Hurry, though, because I’m only planning to have a limited number of slots.

The course has about two hours of video content, and it’s broken up into digestible modules and shorter videos.

Thanks and have a great holidays!




2 thoughts on “Looking for Reviewers – Kindle Book Review Formula

  1. Hey Nathan, I’d love to help and your course sounds useful. Also, Udemy is so addicting.


    On Wednesday, December 23, 2015, Nathan Meunier – Freelance Writer / Author

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